Conveyancing Questions Need Answers
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Homebuyers Question Time

Introductions - Who wins?

Homebuyers are sometimes introduced to Property Solicitors via Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers and Property Developers. The introducer may earn a referral from the Solicitor. If they do, then it must be disclosed to the Homebuyer.

Who Benefits?

The big question is who benefits and why the introduction. The Introducers want their preferred Solicitor to be used, so that they can conveniently keep tabs on how their sales are progressing. Conveyancing can be complex and customer service plays an important part. Many Estate Agents actively chase Solicitors and pick up the pieces, if say a Survey is bad and the price has to be renegotiated.

Consumers want to Compare the market

The majority of Consumers actually visit comparison websites so that they can review their potential costs without the hassle of being sold to. They do this for their Car Insurance, House Insurance and if they want to replace their white goods. They want to spot a great deal knowing that they have compared the market.

We Help You Too

We Help You Too Ltd manages the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel which consists of over 120 member Conveyancing Solicitors and Licensed Conveyancers.

Solicitors are very similar to Retailers on how they should manage their marketing and monitor their results.

How many repeat Clients per month?

How many recommendations per month?

Homebuyers simply walking to the office?

Telephone conversion statistics from referral introductions?

By monitoring the above, Solicitors can focus on what works for them.

Paid On Results

We Help You Too is paid by the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel members on results. When an introduced Homebuyer, Seller completes.

For that reason is is extremely important that Homebuyers are provided with the right Conveyancer finder tools. There is little point in recommending a Solicitor that isn’t on the Homebuyers Mortgage Lender panel.

Homebuyers can go online and compare like for like quotes, with the knowledge that the conveyancing quotes fully detail their conveyancing fees and disbursements costs.

If they are buying a property, then the search pack used covers all Counties of England and Wales. Solicitors can order this exclusive resale search pack from their integrated Onesearch Direct ordering portal. There is even a New build search pack which is cheaper still.

Homebuyers Question Time

Which is the right Solicitor for their move?

Is the conveyancing quote accurate and does it cover their move?

Do they need to find a Solicitor that is on their Mortgage Lender panel?

Can they use the same Solicitor for their Sale and Purchase?

Can they fast track their searches as the Developer wants a fast exchange?

Can they really compare conveyancing quotes online?

Can they review their conveyancing costs online without entering personal details?

When Homebuyers are ready to move can they take a quote away and book a call directly from their chosen Property Solicitor?

What happens if the transaction doesn’t go to plan? Can they cover their purchase costs so that they can find another property?

Homebuyers must have Building Insurance in place on Exchange. With that in mind House insurance becomes a problem for the Homebuyer.

They could take out new Building Insurance well before the exchange date but what happens if the transaction fails?

They could wait last minute and then get the building insurance but have they really had time to compare the market.

They could speak to their current Insurance provider and see how they cover two houses.

Lots of questions above.

Questions need Answers

We Help You Too manages the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel comparison service to provide answers to the above questions.

Homebuyers filter their conveyancing results by price, location and by Mortgage lender. Providing conveyancing choice. When ready, Homebuyers in their time, they can take a quote away, book a timed call and consider adding the two helpful insurances.

Buyer Protect Insurance and Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance

Buyer Protect covers the majority of the Homebuyer purchase costs, should a property fail to exchange through no fault of the Homebuyer.

Flexi Smart provides building insurance cover between exchange of contracts and completion for up to 28 days. The Flexi Smart policy paves the way for the Homebuyer to decide after exchange of contracts to compare the building insurance market.

Homebuyers love to be in the driving seat and key Property Professionals can now let them

Connecting Homebuyers to key property professionals is very simple. The Homebuyer conveyancing panel and software can be placed on any website easily and branded in the host website colours.

The Sales Agents, Brokers, Developers can see in real time the status of each transaction.

We Help You Too manages a customer focused conveyancing panel. Conveyancing legal costs are conveniently presented to the Homebuyer. Solicitors experience high conversion rates, as they are introduced to Homebuyers that are expecting a call from them.

See the Conveyancing Comparison service live on the Homebuyer Conveyancing website.

Provide your Clients with this service. Your conduit to market. Enquire


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