Easy Setup, Easy To use Homebuyer conveyancing Comparison
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Local Conveyancing Solicitors for Local Mortgage Broker Clients

We Help You Too Ltd manages the Homebuyer Conveyancing panel.

The Homebuyer Conveyancing panel using Customer centric conveyancing comparison software is used by many busy property professionals that need to present to their Clients an independent conveyancing service that has both local and national Conveyancing Solicitors.

Comparison Websites

Comparison websites is where customers go to. They want choice and they want to know the costs involved. Being able to compare costs online without having to speak to the provider is key. Then when they are ready they make their move quickly and efficiently.

Conveyancing Service for Broker Clients

Mortgage Brokers can place the conveyancing software on their website or they can choose to use a login system where they make an informed choice for their Clients. Both parties can view and compare conveyancing quotes without entering any personal details.

They can compare conveyancing quotes online.

Filter their conveyancing results by cheapest, nearest and by Lender

Consider adding two insurances that support the Homebuyer. Buyers Protect and Flexi Smart

Take a quote away and book a call directly from their chosen Conveyancer

The Mortgage Broker can fast track the instruction by clicking the request for the Solicitor to send out the Client care pack immediately.

Win win for all

The win for all parties is that the Homebuyer Conveyancing results can be filtered by price, location and by Mortgage Lender. So much time is wasted when some professionals introduce their own recommended Solicitors that are not on the approved Mortgage Lender Conveyancer panel. This can lead to higher costs for their Clients but also cause embarrassement to the Introducer.

Mortgage Brokers need and want a fast track service where their introduced Clients have a mortgage offer that has only a small valid timeframe and then it expires. At Homebuyer the searches can be fast tracked if required.

The panel Solicitors use Onesearch Direct searches. Where experience matters.

Solicitors Benefit

Homebuyer Conveyancing Solicitors are introduced to Homebuyers and Sellers that are expecting a call from them. Conversions are high and Solicitors only pay a referral once a transaction completes.

Supporting Solicitors

We Help You Too ltd, Northcott beaton and Onesearch direct worked together to bring to market a new product that helps both Solicitor and Homebuyer.

Flexi Smart Contingency House Insurance.

A policy that provides building insurance cover between exchange of contracts and completion for up to 28 days. The Homebuyer takes this interim policy out on instruction. The Solicitor has the details and the property goes on cover on exchange. This removes doubt that the building has insurance.

The Homebuyer after exchange of contracts, with certainty can compare the insurance market and transfer an existing policy or buy a new policy that meets their needs.

Prior to this the Solicitor could not move to exchange unless the Buyer proved that they had building insurance in place. A Lender requirement. We can apprecaite how the Client feels at this point. They haven’t exchanged and so are they really interested in taking out a new policy or are they unsure if their existing policy will cover 2 properties at the same time.

This hassle and confusion has now been solved with Flexi Smart.

Homebuyers Go Online To Compare

Homebuyers go online and compare costs, as do Brokers. They all want the best deal, and as always the ideal senario is that a Local Solicitor has the best price, great service and will look after the Brokers Client.

At Homebuyer we have Solicitors now introducing us to their introducers. They want the savvy system and clarity. They want their Introducers to be in control and the system provides a sales progression tool. Knowing that a Client has returned their paperwork and the quote is now an instruction is key to getting the conveyance moving.

Smarter Plot Sales for Developers

Property Developers enjoy conveyancing insights when their Sales outlets use the Homebuyer Conveyancing system. Their potential Buyers can use the conveyancing comparison service, work out their costs and when ready can instruct a Solicitor. Some Developers even use the conveyancing system in their show home.

Now thats progress

Why all this change

A local Estate Agent providing just 1 or 2 Solicitors isn’t providing to their Clients what they want. Homebuyers, Sellers want to comapre freely and make an informed choice under their own steam.

Any Estate agents that is pushing or providing a small panel of Solicitors will unfortunately have many Clients finding it cheaper elsewhere. Or Clients will simply ignore what is on offer and go online. Or worse still be providing Solicitors that aren’t on their Mortgage Brokers suggested Lender approved Conveyancer panel.

Location. Location, Location is well known as the property catch phrase.

Choice, Choice, Choice is why Customers go online.

Please do enquire on info@whyt.co.uk if you are interested in providing the Homebuyer Conveyancing comparison service to your Clients.




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