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How to Pick Best Features For Mobile App?

If you think mobile apps are only for big brands, you are wrong. Today you can see SME’s also following the mobile trend and launching their own apps. Before you get started, you need to have a mobile strategy in place with your business objectives in mind. The features in your apps should be related to your business and it can be anything like bolster sales, improve customer satisfaction, or generate leads. Here is the list of best features of your mobile app.


If you already have an e-commerce website catering to online customers, a mobile app can be a good addition to targeting mobile users. An app will enable you to reach mobile users and sell your products and services to them. When you are planning for mCommerce, there are lots of things to focus on, such as payment methods, the design of the app and many more things. However, you need to respect the golden rule of mCommerce

It should be easy for customers to view the products and read the text. The app should have high usability factor which means, it should be easy for the user to view the catalog and purchase.

Lead Generation

If you are providing a service, your mobile app should offer booking features or appointment request and streamline the process. To effectively use the mobile app for lead generation, you should ensure the app provides a user-friendly form or allows single tap booking or appointment request. You can use the app-informs to accept information and gather insights about customer preferences. Using this information, you can build a mobile CRM strategy to personalize pop-up notification and alerts.

Customer Loyalty

Encouraging customer loyalty is a good way to get repeat customers. Your app can play an important role in building customer loyalty using a check-in program or loyalty points. You can reward the customer for their repeat visits or purchases. The mobile loyalty program can be used to track engagement with customers. You can reward your most loyal customers with exclusive offers or discount coupons.

Event Promotion

Holding events is a good idea to connect with customers on a large scale. The mobile app can have feeds to keep users updated about news and agenda, information about events, opt-in forms, links to social media, maps and direction feature. Using the mobile app feeds, you can provide all information about events such as information about speakers/performers, audio, video ads about the event, and presentations to further engage the user.

Community Building

Does your business or association need to keep in touch with users? If yes, you should ensure the mobile app support community building. The mobile app should have integration with social media platforms like Google+ and Facebook for quick access to groups where they can post their feedback and share their ideas. If necessary, you can also ask the mobile app developer to include a chat feature where users can have public or private chat to discuss relevant topics.

Utility Tools

Utility tools like calculator, calendars, date and directions, currency converter and weather are helpful in our daily lives. The mobile app can include widgets that will help your customers with important tasks and give them up to date information about weather, traffic conditions, and exchange rates. By helping users with these small tasks, you can use the affinity with users to build a stronger brand.

Wrapping Up

The world of smartphones is changing fast and the mobile apps are getting smarter to take advantage of the technology. To strike the right chord with users and gain popularity, it is necessary the mobile app has the best features in comparison to competitors to stay on the top of mind of users.

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