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Concept of sustainability in tourism development

Sustainability in tourism development helps in ensuring that there is as low an impact on the local environment due to surge in tourism development. Through sustainability agencies can also ensure that local culture remain unaffected because of tourism related activity. Aim of sustainability is that through tourism development there should be positive change and experience in life of local people, tourism companies and tourist themselves. Thus sustainability helps establishing a complete picture of the tourism model which should be applicable for the region.

It considers interest of all the stake holders who are involved in the development of tourism starting from local people to the tourist who visit the place. The government has been witnessing a gradual increase in international tourists. That is why it is important that it’s the tourism development program should follow the concept of sustainability since it will have major impact on the overall experience of the tourist who visits the place. Apart from tourist, sustainability will also have positive impact on the life of local people, as it will ensure that the local culture is preserved and no harm is there to the local economy policy.

Factors which may prevent sustainable tourism development in are as follows:

Displacement and Resettlement: There are many local communities which have very limited population, with tourism development there might be a situation where multinational companies will make their way in such regions. There are several cases, where such situation has led to unrest between the outside people and the local community. At times, local communities are pushed to leave the place and settle at some other place.

Coastal impact: Costal area such a limited availability of the land in such situation pushing for land required for tourist development might lead to conflict, as local people also need to live there. Tourist season might disrupt their normal life. Hence considering this fact is equally important.

Local Economy: Economy of compared to other Asian countries such as India, China and other South East Asian countries is fragile. Significant part of its revenue is generated from Tourism sector. In such circumstances it is important that the economy is safeguarded from impact of foreign investment. In a situation where there is increase in the foreign investment in the tourism sector, then possibility is high, that local business might get hit. With foreign investment issue is that the profit earned normally goes to the parent company, hence in many cases not much benefit gets passed to the host country. Also local economies do not have that much scale and capability to match up with the standard offered by international hospitality company. That is why government should focus on ensuring that despite of foreign investment local economy should be safeguarded. Else in long run this factor will become a major roadblock in the overall tourism development of the country.

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Thus these three factors are the one which in case can cause hindrance in the tourist development program. Hence Government of should come up with a comprehensive tourism development strategy, which will not only lay down the guidelines for development of this sector, but it will also clearly indicate that what will be role of the international hospitality business who are willing to invest in and get benefit from the huge tourism potential is having currently.

Different stages which will be used in planning for sustainability in tourism development program for are:

  • What does the government want to achieve?
  • Stake holder identification
  • What makes special as a tourist destination?
  • What are the major issues with the region?
  • Issue analyses
  • Preparation of action plan
  • Implementation of action plan
  • Analyses of the effect of implementation of the tourism research plan

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