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Five reasons why an artist should always have a blog or website

If you are an artist then getting yourself out there is extremely important for your talents to be noticed. The internet is one of the best ways to do this because it has a much further reach that using conventional media so having a blog or website is imperative if you want to reach the masses and let them know what you’re all about.

Increase in sales

Whether musical, modern or something totally new all great artists make their money from selling their creations. The reason most artists turn to blogging or a website is the fact that pictures are not picked up as easily on search engines so having text content makes it easier for people to find you. In the past a portfolio with mainly images was the standard way to display and sell art, however by blogging or updating the text on your website frequently it will help you to get a higher ranking on search engines, thus creating more visitors and ultimately sales.

If you are already on an online gallery you can use a hyperlink to lead your followers to your gallery to purchase your artwork or you could sell direct from your site or blog by adding a payment platform so people don’t have to click external links to buy from you.

Personal growth

As an artist who has a website or blog you will be able to interact with your visitors and other artists. Reading other people’s blogs and opinions can help you to grow as an artist by taking on board others opinions. New techniques can be found and you may be given suggestions by your visitors that will help you improve further.

Let people know you as a person

People use art to express themselves in many ways, however by creating a blog or website you will be able to show both buyers and enthusiasts who you are as a person. By building a relationship with your visitors they will get to know you and be more likely to part with their money to purchase your creations.

Explaining your art work

To you your deepest minds creations make sense, however the inspiration may not be obvious to potential buyers. By having a blog or website you are not restricted in your explanations as you would be on any type of selling site. This gives you a chance to let your potential buyers know your emotions and what your art stands for. You could even show your work in progress which could help you to sell your artwork before it is even completed.

Online art tracker

If you have created and sold a lot of your artwork the chances are you won’t remember every single piece. By adding your content to your blog or website you have something to look back on and even see how you are improving as an artist. If you finish a piece of artwork then you can set a new goal for a specific date. This could help keep you in the zone and constantly producing and selling your talent. This write up was brought to you by City And Guild Art school. Cityandguild is a London based art school with a special interest in Fine art, conversation and historic carving. City and guild is seen as the top art school in the UK and one of the best art schools in the world.

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