Tips for choosing the wedding dress of your dreams

Most women have dreamed, at least once in their life of their wedding day. But when the time comes when the beloved couple decides to take that precious ring to seal the engagement, everything becomes a sea of emotions and preparations.

The first question is, how will the dress finally give you the yes?

Thus, the times have changed and modernity has eclipsed the magic of this beautiful act, there are still women who never stop dreaming of being the most beautiful that day, with feeling unique and reflect that happiness in all its splendor. For this reason, today I bring some guidelines that you can take into account when choosing the wedding dresses of your dreams.

How will I know what the proper dress is?

  • It is important to choose a dress that reflects who you are: modern, romantic, conservative, traditional or minimalist.
  • Having your own style clear, at least five months before the wedding you should start looking for the right designer.
  • The dress should be so elegant, but at the same time so comfortable that allows you to walk, sit and move freely. You should not feel heavy or extravagant.
  • The only veil is used if the wedding is performed with a religious ceremony.
  • By day you can wear short and long night.
  • The fabric is very important because, depending on the type of fabric, it will highlight some qualities of your body better.
  • Thick arms will be more stylized with long sleeves or up to the elbow.
  • Necklines should be subtle.
  • Strapless dresses are more convenient for thin women.
  • For women of the small bust, it is best to opt for a dress with neck type ‘halter’.
  • If the bride does not have a waist, she will dress better in an ‘A’ cut.
  • If the stomach is very protruding it is better an empire cut dress.

But which dress is suitable for your body type?

Body type rectangle: This type of body is characterized because the width of the hips is equal to the one of the shoulders and the waist is not defined. If you have this type of figure, the ideal dress for you is an A-cut, waist-length and hip width, or the ‘siren’ type also called ‘trumpet’, which will accentuate your curves. Being wide in the lower part of the legs, this cut is not recommended for people of short stature.

Body type triangle: In the triangle body, the hip and legs are wider than the shoulders. They usually have a defined waist, so you should look for a balance between the lower and upper body. The ‘empire court’ is ideal in this case as they are tight on the upper chest and have a soft fall throughout the body. Court dresses ‘A’ and ‘princess’ are also advisable, as they conceal the width of the hips and give a balance to the body.

Body type Oval: Usually, it is one of the women in pregnancy or those with a protruding abdomen. The dress suitable for this figure is that of ‘Empire cut’, as it stylizes the figure and makes it look thinner.

Body inverted triangle type: The inverted triangle is a type of body that is characterized by having the back and shoulders wider than the hip. What you are looking for here is to highlight the lower part of the body, so dress the dresses in ‘A’, ‘Princess’ or ‘Ball Gown’.

Hourglass type body: It is the ideal body type since the hips and shoulders are in the same proportion. With a defined waist, it suits almost all types of dress. However, those that best highlight an hourglass figure are the dresses type ‘trumpet’, cut in ‘A’ and tube type.

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