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Survey Reveals how to Overcome Monday Morning Staffing Issues

Clients of Gateshead and London-based HR consultants Deminos have revealed the benefits of employee engagement that matter to them most.

You might have experienced that Monday morning feeling yourself. The phones start ringing, but you’re short of people - and the ones that have shown up just don’t seem to care.

What would it take to avoid those problems and have a trouble-free start to the week?

Like just about everything else in business, it all starts with your people. This is why we asked our clients what matters to them.

They ranked the benefits of an engaged workforce in our 30-second survey, and these were the top three results:

  • Increased productivity
  • Staff retention
  • Lower absence

These are all areas of your business that can be turned around, and let you get more done. You can also keep hold of key staff and their valuable skills, and be sure that they’re going to come into work every day.

Think about how costs can be reduced. How much is absence costing you? Add that to poor productivity from unmotivated staff, and the cost of replacing those who’ve left and it all adds up.

A motivated workforce will ultimately lead to increased profits as productivity goes up, and all those costs go down.

It goes beyond profits too. Going back to that Monday morning feeling – wouldn’t it be great to consign that to the past?

When people are engaged, they feel better. So will you.

Here’s how to get there:

Read the full survey results, hear what respondents had to say, and find out how to get a fired-up and positive workforce right here.

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