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Seven Latest Trends of Enterprise iOS App Development

With the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, enterprise app development is becoming more significant. Taking our discussion to the current scenario of the market, Apple Incorporation’s iOS-powered devices such as iPhone and iPad have taken the mainstay in the industry in past few years. Mobile app development company nowadays are choosing iOS as their major app development platform.

Let’s see how you can develop distinguished enterprise iOS apps, it may turn out to be the big move for your enterprise. However, embarking on an iOS app development company brings in some probable pros and cons, check out how you go with the latest iOS development trends and tools and what these bring in back for you.

Swift Coding- After Objective C, Swift coding is ruling the iOS apps. Being simpler, more, and suitable with inclusive, and XCode tools, Mobile app development company is inclining towards Swift Coding. A recent launch of Swift 2 from Apple, has made it even easier for developers to use it to write reliable codes.

iBeacon- Mobile tracking of app users is utmost important to personalize the services, especially for businesses involved in mobile-marketing. iBeacon, unfortunately, drains the phone battery heavily, and thus, not liked by users at times. Gem-Tot Beacons, providing optimized battery are the substitutes available in the market for iBeacon.

Hotfix Native iOS Apps- This tool is perfect to push code levels instantly to native Objective-C apps, it allows direct access to the methodologies of apps and patches them with app alert messages.

Cloud Integration- App users want to access apps across multiple devices, and cloud technology provides a smart sync for this. Further, cloud integration allows iOS app development company to reduce app size significantly. Integration can be a bit complicated, but it proves out to be beneficial.

Focused M-Commerce- Mobile-commerce is growing vigorously, undoubtedly. E-commerce websites must have corresponding mobile apps. Technologies like wallet and beacons, mobile users find it more apposite to purchase an app if the whole checkout and payment process is simple, secure, and reliable.

iOS Up- iOS Up provides free downloadable software. Besides, it offers quality assets as well as a market to buy these assets seamlessly.

Charter- It is a great tool, extracted by Swift language. It helps retaining the programming language mailing list on iPhones or iPad, offers both online and offline view, and provides a provision of message threading for the conversation.

Although these tools are not all behind flaunting iOS development these days, but are certainly used in the integrated app development environment (IDE) for developing Swift or Objective C based iOS app development that calls for an integrated environment applications.

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