Rid Your Smart Phone of a few Common Mobile App
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Rid your smart phone of a few common Mobile Application Scams

How safe are you in the cyber era??? Have you ever got trapped in mobile app scams?? How often did you ask this question to yourself??

Not once?? Then ask today. Presently, we are living in an extremely volatile world which is rid of any form of peace, safety and security. The scandalous mentality of criminals has got a fresh direction with the advent of fast changing technology. The World Wide Web is a wider space allowing free entry and exists of scammers, fraudsters, criminals, hackers and many other offenders. So you are not exactly safe and secured. How much you tighten your privacy policies, loopholes will fetch in offenders to exert their criminal work, harming you and your near ones. Mobile phones, along with its many alluring features and applications are the latest platforms for the malware creators to indulge in.

You are familiar with the many productive features of smart phone apps that can really contribute to your personal growth and offers multiple options to make money without causing damage or harming others. But there are many smart phone owners who are smart enough to manipulate the useful applications to derive short term benefits such as taking short cut to earn quick and easy cash. Indulging in any form of criminal offense is a psychological disorder like kleptomaniacs and it is impossible for them to curb their urge to indulge in criminal activity. However, some offense takes place out of deliberation. There is en number of such examples that only proves technology is not really safe to use and fail to provide security and privacy to the end users.

Allow me to brief you on the common types of scams in mobile applications that crowd the app stores.

**Which are the few common types of scams that pollute the smart phone applications today???**Installing deceptive apps- It is easy to spot a fake app because they are crowded with ads and requests unnecessary permissions and are quite likely to have poor ratings and user feedbacks.

Hidden matter behind free trials- This is a monetization technique for tricksters who seek to make quick and easy cash using the mobile application platform. It is important to read the entire text carefully rather than judging an app on face value. Tricky placement of words in a sentence can trap you into shedding a few coffers for something you considered was free. Often it becomes a recurring subscription. So stay alert and read fully before signing up and agreeing on terms and conditions. Encroachment of personal data- Some developers seek to make money from your data. To save your sanity, do not indulge in blind random clicks on any questions popping up since every app need not wish to access your location. They may be encroaching upon your personal data or contacts. Your data will then be sold and your contacts spammed with the hope that some of your contacts download the app and the developer can again generate revenue from their data and/or through advertising to them.

Subscriber fraud- If any outsider gains access to your personal data, then you are at risk of falling a victim to ‘Subscriber Fraud’. It is quite likely a fake phone account might appear in your name outside your knowledge and then you have to pay expensive phone bills made by the fraudster. Any terrorist can use the account to indulge in terror acts which might land you in prison. FCC reports that subscriber fraud costs mobile phone companies more than £100 million each year. Fake version of original apps- There are imposters who release fake versions of popular mobile applications in the app stores to deceive users and, in return, draw benefits from such deception such as gaining access to your personal data, payment details and other confidential information. At times, they can automatically subscribe users to expensive services.

Apps spies- You are unaware of the presence of spies who secretly peep into your personal life without your knowledge. Such information is put into mal practice or terrorizing acts that can seriously damage your sanity.

Few examples of fake mobile apps that can easily scam you:


Summing Up As responsible human being, any developer needs to check his or her urge to indulge in scamming app users. There are probably thousands of legit ways to monetize your created mobile application rather than victimizing unfortunate users. Smart phone consumers also need to observe some corrective measures and try not to offer loopholes which can be used, otherwise, by the tricksters to hamper your well-being. Mobile phones and its supporting applications are developed with the purpose to ease our daily life. Try not to pollute this technology. I have managed to pool together few common mobile app scams. There are many other ways to fraud the user. The responsibility rests on App developers, users and popular app stores to adapt corrective measures to rid this new invent of any defect. Also Read: How To Ensure Data Security on Android Phones?

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