Android vs iOS: Narration of Designing Tale of Two Different Platforms

Mobile app designing is the most crucial aspect of mobile app development. But before considering the design, the developers need to have their flow ready not only for the designing but also for the development. It thus requires the developer’s effort to study and understand the purpose of the application prior to getting into the actual designing process.

When it comes to designing, Android and iOS follow two different procedures. And, thus the wireframes for both these platforms vary from one to another. As the wireframes differ, the user interaction for both the Android as well as iOS apps differs similarly. Apple adores flat designing since iOS 7 was designed. Android, on the other hand, follows material design.

App Icon

App icons are the first point of interaction between the users and the business apps. The approach is expected to remain an impressive one in order to delight the users at the first place only. The designs should be crafted beautifully by mobile app development companies so that it could impact the users.

The Point of Difference

Let’s consider the camera icon for both these platforms. In Android, the icon reflects the idea on how the camera works. However, an iPhone’s camera is designed with dark and gray color as the background having a camera picture in the center.


Navigation is the most significant of any mobile app. It is the guiding element for the users who wish to tour the app. iPhone follows tab navigation and for Android, it is the drawer navigation, which flows from left showing the view to the users. Gmail app showcases the best example for the same. There are a number of other designing styles too but these two are prominent that are followed the most.

Device Buttons

Each of these devices has different sets of buttons. iPhone has a single button in the center at the bottom known as the home button. Android has three different buttons designed specifically as home button, exit button as well as recent apps button. Buttons on both of these devices react to the touch of the finger.

Button Style

There are three different kinds of buttons, that include:

Floating Button Flat Button Raised Button Android follows floating button style, which is a concept wherein the buttons are placed above the UI. Whereas, there is no such concept in iPhone apps. In Android, the style of button is listed in the library and the developers have the option to drag and drop the preferred button. With iPhone, developers have the opportunity to place the button inside the view and set the prerequisites.

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