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Google it! How do you deal with distractions from your less tech-savvy colleagues?

A recent survey of 2,000 British office workers found that almost two thirds of participants suffer from daily distractions by their less tech-savvy colleagues.

Moreover, the research indicated that solving the problems of such less tech-savvy employees can take up an average of 17 minutes in a working day.

The survey, commissioned by memory and storage company Crucial, concluded that simple, everyday IT problems are actually costing value business time in terms of distracting colleagues with queries.

The most common IT complaints from those who are less tech-savvy are a PC or programme freezing or running slowly (46%), a PC or programme crashing (38%), not being able to connect to the internet (24%) and losing unsaved work (23%). Office workers said that the most common fixes for their colleague’s issues were calling IT support (32%) and turning off their PC (28%).

Just over one in five (23%) British office workers admitted that they felt they were one of the less tech-savvy colleagues. A third of these aren’t worried about being less tech-savvy because they have other skills, another third (34%) admitted trying to fix tech problems themselves but always end up calling someone else, whilst 26% know someone will fix it for them anyway.

Is the ‘problem’ really a problem?

I’m interested to hear our readers’ thoughts on this one. Does the above sample resonate with goings on in your office? How often are you frustrated by these so called less tech-savvy colleagues burdening your working day?

Furthermore, how do you deal with such interruptions? Can such instances affect the ambience and working culture of your office? Or, conversely, is the ‘problem’ really a problem after all? Do you enjoy the everyday IT queries which come your way?

Maybe I should ask the Bdaily office for their thoughts on this one, do excuse me…

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