Jenk Oz - CEO of iCoolKid Ltd.


Imagine being just 12 years old and running your own business. Well that’s the reality for the UK’s Youngest CEO - Jenk Oz - the brains behind iCoolKid Ltd. - the all-inclusive digital publishing, media, consulting and production home for ‘Generation Z’.

Born and brought up in London, Jenk is the Co-Founder and CEO of iCoolKid, as well as a professional actor, singer, dancer, model, presenter and trained musician. His credibility amongst young influencers is growing at a rapid rate, having recently delivered successful talks at both TedX Youth and the London Teen Entrepreneurs Conference.

iCoolKid Ltd currently comprises a website -, a comprehensive collection of social media platforms, a YouTube channel housing original productions, weekly curated music playlists on Spotify, professional ‘club quality’ mixed hour long music playlists created by Jenk and DJ Erin Davies housed on Soundcloud, a full production facility and 1500 sq. ft. stand-alone filming studio referred to as ‘The Garage’, as well as a soon to be launched clothing line - iCoolKidGear.

The concept of was initially formed when Jenk began sharing tales of his unique extra-curricular programme (from acting and street dance, to DJ-ing and music production, and even graffiti classes) with his school friends, who soon decided to join him on his journey to uncover the most exciting things to do and see.

At just eight-years-old he presented the idea of curating all the coolest, on-trend and interesting content on a one-stop accessible platform, at Show & Tell during a school assembly, and three years later iCoolKid Ltd was officially born. Launched in late 2016, the business is now a one-stop digital publishing, media, consulting and production company producing original content aimed at young people.

The iCoolKid website is currently the UK’s biggest digital media platform of its kind with over 2,500 original articles spread across the seven channels. There’s currently nothing else like it on the web, with the content focussing on original ‘cool’ features and and events. The site shares timely, engaging, trendy and educational content for young people to keep them in the know and inspire positivity - all whilst being a ‘cool’ and ‘safe’ space for the 8-15 demographic.

With ‘Gen Z’ more clued up, switched on and knowledgable than ever before, iCoolKid’s team of experts and mini interns produce exclusive, inspiring and interactive content for their website covering everything from the newest tech products, the coolest extra curricular activities, the latest art exhibitions to the most anticipated books and comics due to be released.

As well as producing features that inform and educate their audience, Jenk’s team also place high importance on fun news and trends such as the latest quirky fashion to the most exciting movies to hit the big screen. What makes iCoolKid so unique is that the content and ideas come from ‘Gen Z’ themselves, with Jenk briefing his team every morning in an editorial meeting on what he has noticed his peers have been talking about, to ensure iCoolKid only covers the most up to date and on-trend topics.

Jenk is also a seasoned celebrity interviewer, having previously interviewed high profile celebrities including Idris Elba, Gemma Aterton, and Julien Macdonald to name but a few, and such interviews are filmed, produced and then featured as ‘Cool Casts’ on the iCoolKid website and social channels.

Jenk’s ethos is one of hard work and persistence, stating that if you follow your passions, you can make anything a reality.

Jenk Oz says: “Without my family and friends helping me think through iCoolKid at every turn, my idea would still be a Show & Tell poster gathering dust in a corner! My motto is; try to follow your passions at every turn and think through your ideas every night before going to sleep. Then dream about them until they get so big and so colourful that you can’t hold them inside anymore or you’ll burst! No idea is too silly, talk to everyone around you and one day, with lots of hard work and persistence, you can make them a reality.”

iCoolKid is currently the UK’s biggest digital media platform of its kind with over 2,500 original articles spread across 7 topical channels. For further information please visit:

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