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Ever thought of paying for your dentist with bitcoin? This new company is making it possible

The Dentacoin Foundation has announced its success of a ‘Proof-of-Concept’ clinic, F3T, specifically designed for fixed dental restorations and edentulous jaws.

The clinic concept has relied on technological advances and has achieved break-even after just one month of operation. F3T is a pilot clinic which has been opened in London Stratford, and is the first ever company entirely bought with cryptocurrency.

The Dentacoin Fountain aims to set a new standard with the dental industry in Europe, and the combination of high-quality care at a lower cost should welcome above average earnings during the first year of operation.

Additionally, the Dentacoin Foundation is developing another dental clinic concept, known as City Clinics, which specialises in basic dental care and uses computer technology to reduce cost. It is similar to F3T in the way it targets price-sensitive consumers.

The company believes the use of blockchain applications and Dentacoins - which will be used as currency - will play a decisive role in the success of such a concept. It is said that there is already a waiting list of dentists from the USA, Europe and Australia who wish to implement the Dentacoin concept.

For those patients who own Dentacoin, they will be able to either exchange the cryptocurrency or use the equivalent to pay for actual dental treatments. Alternatively, they can use it for future products or to pay for their dental insurance.

When it has come into effect, Dentacoin Foundation’s blockchain applications will be available to everyone worldwide free of charge.

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