What are the best and worst qualities of London?

London's Best Qualities Are Revealed

A new survey commissioned by the UK’s leading home-buying company, We Buy Any Home, has revealed the most loved and loathed aspects of London life - as voted for by the capital’s residents themselves!

Just over half of Londoners said the well-known ‘hustle and bustle’ of the city is its most loved characteristic, despite some of the other frustrations that go hand-in-hand with it.

Second on the list with just under half of the vote, comes the endless choice of bars, clubs and pubs the city offers. Other aspects of the city those surveyed treasure the most include the ‘great transport links’, the rich culture the city provides through its museums and galleries, and being able to dine at a restaurant ‘in the middle of the night’.

However, when asked about the worst parts of living in London, residents were quick to slate the price of the average pint of beer, with 40 per cent saying they feel frustrated having to pay ‘upwards of £4.50 for a pint’. In addition to this, despite enjoying the ‘great transport links’, just under half of those polled said they loathe using the London Underground in summer, when temperatures reach their highest levels and tube journeys are made ‘unbearable’.

The issue of pollution was also prevalent in the survey findings, with a third saying they worry about the increasing levels of unclean air, and the effect this has on their health. Dating was another aspect of city life that many Londoners claimed they struggle with, with 18 per cent saying that they find it difficult to meet someone special in the city.

Despite the overwhelming affection for the hustle and bustle and culture in the city, when asked if they see their future in the capital, just over half of the Londoners polled revealed they are likely to relocate from the capital within the next 5-10 years. Rising rents and the fact they may never be able to get on the property ladder in the city means the 26-30-year olds cannot see their future in their beloved capital.

Interestingly, when asked which cities would be the most desirable to them for relocation outside of London, Manchester topped the poll with a third of the vote, followed in second place by Edinburgh, and Bristol coming in at third place. Better value properties, flourishing businesses, and a lively social scene were all referenced as being a draw to these areas.

Pete, 32 from London, said: “I love living in London, it is such a vibrant city, and it is great having everything on my doorstep. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly harder to get on the property ladder, so I am gutted that one day I will have to leave, in order to have a home and start a family – which is important to me. I won’t miss having to pay over £4 for a pint though!”

Lucy, 29 from London, said: “I’ve come to accept the fact that I will never be able to get on the property ladder, so why not enjoy living in one of the greatest cities in the world while I can? For me, whilst London can’t offer me financial security, it can offer me cultural diversity, job prospects and the opportunity to experience things I feel I wouldn’t be able to in any other city in the UK.”

Elliot Castle, Property Expert and Founder of home-buying company, We Buy Any Home (www.webuyanyhome.com), said: “It’s really great to see how passionate Londoners are about their city, and what aspects they love about living in the capital and those they have to tolerate. Whilst it is clear that so many younger residents enjoy living in London, it is interesting that they still regard owning a property as an important milestone and one they would relocate for. It is a shame that the market in London is excluding many from purchasing a home, or even renting decent properties – it will mean the capital will end up losing many valuable young professionals.

However, there are many great cities across the UK where the property market is slightly more accessible. With Brexit negotiations underway, the property market is unpredictable for everyone but it’s a market which is ever-evolving and ever-changing, so Londoners should remember that it can be hard to predict what the future holds.“

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