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How Pirated Movies Websites Effect The Industry

Illegal music downloads came first, with the federal government forced to intervene and put an end to unbridled piracy. Copies of Boot legged movies had always been around, but the technology was relatively primitive for a long time, basically consisting of connecting two VCRs together. Later, DVD burners came on the scene, eventually followed by the ability to steal the very existence of the movie off of its home website.

Naturally, people who indulge in this behavior see it as a crime without victims, like hitting someone in the dark, like a character Simpsons, once opined. The idea that people working in the film industry can be hurt by piracy is so remote to those who rationalize it because it is too costly to go to the movies as the typical American reaction to seeing dropped bombs in other countries.

The sad reality is that not only movies suffer at the box office when people download for free, but the future of a franchise can be terminated. Fortunately for the third film Expendables, this was the last installment of the trilogy, otherwise Stallone and company would never have done another. The creators of the films Kick Ass were not so lucky. Even Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit Girl) has declared the franchise dead due to illegal piracy. The possibilities, he says, of a third film that are made are thin to none. Many sites like Tamil rockers have been doing this from long and sidelining the industry.

There is no end in sight for illegally pirated movies, especially considering how people around the world can do it. Closing a guy in Eugene, Oregon would have no effect on a guy in Ukraine. In addition, we have to take into account the self-proclaimed anarchists who believe that people’s hard work and their ability to make a living in it are worthwhile compared to people’s desire to disseminate information at low cost because it belongs to everyone once it has been created.

That kind of madness has also had a big impact on the world of fiction, with entire websites dedicated to providing free permanent downloads of written works by authors. If pirates have their way, the day will arrive, sooner rather than later, when all creative works are in the public domain and all creators are asking for change out of their local pharmacies. Of course, very few movies are going to be made at that time, so maybe their own movie.

It will be interesting to see how they feel about others downloading their work for free.

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