How the headset could look
How the headset could look
Richard Bell

Liverpool VR firm developing a ‘single reality’ headset for the manufacturing sector

A virtual reality startup in Liverpool has unveiled plans to develop a new immersive device for the manufacturing sector.

Real Space said it is working on a ‘single reality’ optical headset that adds depth of field to a 2D image or video, using an innovative optical design that changes the perceptual information received by the wearer.

The firm said the VR-like experience could benefit manufacturing in a number of ways, such as allowing for the detailed inspection of a component or reducing eye strain in certain complex procedures.

Real Space is building the technology with backing from business support programme LCR 4.0 at Liverpool innovation hub Sensor City, where the company is based.

Sensor City is helping Real Space develop the design and aesthetic of a working concept for the headset, which will eventually be tested and calibrated at the scheme’s optics lab.

Image: James Nixon - LJMU FabLab

Real Space CEO Rob Black said: “Since moving into Sensor City and being part of the LCR 4.0 programme, I have been really inspired by not only the investment in facilities, but also the approach to academic and industrial collaboration.

“We now have access to hi-tech equipment meaning we can 3D print our ‘Single Reality’ model in over 20 materials, explore it in virtual reality, project it into context in augmented reality and use remote collaboration to visualise the model.”

LCR 4.0 technical lead Dr Andy Levers commented: “The innovative ‘single reality’ concept that Real Space is developing offers real benefits for the manufacturing sector in the Liverpool City Region, and opens us up to national and international investment and partnerships.

“Not only that, but it’s a perfect demonstration of how Industry 4.0 technologies can have a real impact on industries, namely manufacturing in this case.”

He added: “LCR 4.0 is all about collaboration so it’s great to see our delivery partner, Sensor City, working with Real Space to develop this concept even further using the latest technology.”

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