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Tracey Bell brings the celebrities’ favourite weight loss solution to the Isle of Man

Alevere Therapy has been hitting the headlines this year after an eclectic mix of high-profile people, from Hollyoaks star Nicole Barber-Lane to £6.6million lotto winner Amanda Nield and Kate Middleton’s uncle, Gary Goldsmith, all turned to the science-backed weight loss programme.

Alevere Therapy is particularly popular with people who need to lose a significant amount of weight safely, and is often used as an alternative to gastric bands. It’s a weight loss programme that tends to produce rapid results and it has already become popular with Isle of Man residents, one of whom flew to Manchester every week for 30 weeks in order to lost seven-and-a-half stone on the programme.

Realising that Isle of Man residents were having to travel so far for Alevere Therapy, but were reporting that it was worth the cost and inconvenience to hit their target weight, Tracey Bell began researching the programme and decided to bring it to her clinic.

She explained: “Residents have already been using this programme, and they clearly love the results, but not everyone’s willing to put up with the cost and inconvenience of getting on a plane regularly in order to lose weight.

“I like programmes like Alevere Therapy that clearly work and that get really high levels of positive feedback from patients in the long term. And for anyone who’s currently having to travel to Manchester for this weight-loss programme, it’ll be great to be able to offer it on their doorstep.”

Alevere Therapy is known for producing rapid results, while providing regular monitoring to safeguard clients’ health. On the programme, you eat five protein-based nutritional supplements a day, each containing around 100 calories. These are eaten alongside three nutritionally balanced meals a day. You also undergo aesthetic treatments to ensure that your skin stays firm during the weight-loss process.

The Tracey Bell team will be offering initial consultations to Isle of Man residents who are interested in finding out more about Alevere Therapy.

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