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Protect And Beautify Your Garden With Advanced Garden Fencing

In Australia, it is rare to find a property without a garden. A garden forms an important aspect of a home, lending it a sense of beauty and completeness. With a garden comes a garden fencing, which is necessary to demarcate the area, provide security and privacy to the property. Sometimes a garden fencing may also serve as a windbreak.

A garden fence serves a dual purpose – it provides a definition to your property and also lends an aesthetic appeal depending on the type of fence you choose. Picket fences are the most common type of garden fencing that enhances the look of your garden. Generally made of wooden slats standing upright supported by horizontal slats, this is a highly decorative but low fence that not only protects your garden but also complements the style of your home.

Traditionally, garden fencing was made from wood, it is still a practice carried on today, though many home owners find it an expensive option. Although wooden garden fencing presents an old world charm, maintaining it is a major issue. Wood is prone to rotting and a garden fence being exposed to the elements is quick to deteriorate. Replacing a few wooden posts is often a regular feature, making it a ‘not so viable’ option.

But today, with the availability of materials such as aluminium, vinyl, steel and faux-wood you have a variety of choices that allow you to go for a garden fencing that is not only durable but within your budget. Protect and beautify your garden with advanced garden fencing.

Aluminium Fencing is a sturdy and durable option. It is the first choice of the modern construction industry which prefers aluminium fencing, gates and balustrades due to their versatility and economy. A powder coated aluminium garden fencing to match your home exteriors is quite often the best choice for either a traditional or modern home. Powder coating protects the aluminium garden fencing from the extreme Australian weather, making it rust free. As it requires minimal maintenance it works out to be extremely economical in the long term.

Galvanised steel is another good option for a garden fence. The advantage here is that the steel can be moulded into any decorative shape so that the home owner can choose any type of design. There is very little maintenance required for a Front Yard Fencing, making it good value for money.

However, if you desire, you may select a wooden garden fence that suits the look of your property. Finally, it is up to the owner of the property who decides the type, material and style of garden fencing according to the budget. If you’d like to find a garden fencing contractor in your neighbourhood, get in touch at

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