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From a CFO to an entrepreneur, Gennady Barsky is changing the way we look at conventional industries

Real estate and Aviation are two sectors that have been bound by practically the same rules for decades. Looking from an outsider’s perspective the management tenets in both of the sectors have been quite unchanged. That said there are disruptors and unruly entrepreneurs who are looking to change the way these sectors govern consumer behaviors. Florida based Gennady Barsky is one such unruly impresario.

Barsky who is a relatively unknown real estate mogul has had enormous success with his real estate and investment ventures. Apart from that, Gennady has also been a managing partner of several high end real estate development funds and private lending firms.

Real estate venture

One of Barsky’s associations was with a growing luxury real estate group – a company looking to ‘develop communities instead of buildings’. With the group he was responsible for working with the finances and setting the company’s general business direction. Currently the group has a portfolio of over 10,000,000 sq. ft. of construction area in Russia and Northern European countries including Finland and Latvia.

“Consumers are not going to be paying the astronomical prices in today’s market, but will still have fully unobstructed views of the water, and every apartment is going to have an oceanfront view,” Barsky said commenting on the changing dynamics of real estate in the United states.

The entrepreneurial streak

An avid automobile enthusiast, Gennady’s aviation run began with JetSmarter which he co-founded with Sergey Petrossov. The startup provides charter jets to the elite and the common man alike has had enormous buzz – which can be attributed to its rather unique service proposition. The startup is funded by Jay-Z and the Saudi Royal family among several other high profile investors.

Amazingly, both of Gennady’s ventures have a ton of consumer similarities. So much so that the both of his companies conjoined to offer a year’s worth of private jet service if you buy their condos – clever marketing blueprint.

His many interests notwithstanding, Barsky finds new ventures and initiatives to apply his rather strategic mind to gain leverage into under rated or unexplored markets. His experiences have matured him enough to gauge at the abyss of startup world and still come out unscathed.

“Don’t settle for the regular and the clichés. A blue ocean take would serve you better than having to muddle in the mud with everyone else,” Gennady says.

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