Cooper King Distillery was founded by Dr Abbie Neilson, a former scientist and Chris Jaume, a chartered architect.
Cooper King Distillery was founded by Dr Abbie Neilson, a former scientist and Chris Jaume, a chartered architect.
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England’s first self-built gin and whisky distillery set to begin production

A Yorkshire-based gin and whisky distillery is nearing completion, with 75% of the build finished and gin distillation set to begin early in the new year.

Cooper King Distillery, England’s first self-built whisky and gin distillery, will commence production of its juniper-led gin and open its doors to members of the public early in the new year.

The whisky distillation will follow in Spring 2018, with a projected release date of 2023.

The premium gin, flavoured with select local botanicals, will be produced in micro-batches using ten and five litre stills.

Cooper King Distillery is the first distillery in Yorkshire to combine cold vacuum distillation with traditional hot copper-pot distillation.

Established by Chris Jaume and Dr Abbie Neilson, Cooper King Distillery is based in Sutton-on-the-Forest in North Yorkshire.

The distillery will invite people and tourists to experience how gin and whisky is made, with a production area, cask maturation warehouse, tasting-room and spirit shop open to the public.

A team family, friends and Founders’ Club members are working together to ensure the build is completed within the next month.

Co-founder Chris Jaume said: “We are delighted to have the distillery over 75% complete, having worked long and hard on the construction it is extremely exciting to be so close to beginning distillation.

“We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped with the construction, family, friends and founders, we really appreciate them helping to make our dream a reality.”

Barry Bradford, Founders’ Club member and whisky blogger, added: “As a whisky blogger and enthusiast, I am looking forward to sampling Cooper King Distillery’s new spirits, as part of the Founders’ Club I’ll be amongst the first to get these opportunities and also know that I helped make them happen, surely nothing can taste sweeter than that?

“By being a Founders’ Club member, I get to make a small investment to help realise someone else’s dream.”

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