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Consumers value speed over cost when it comes to online deliveries

UK consumers now value speed of delivery over the cost of fulfilment, a new report by Sorted, the delivery experience company, warns.

Original research of 2,000 UK shoppers in the Coming Together: The Blueprint For Collaborative Commerce Report from Sorted revealed that two fifths (39%) thought they shouldn’t have to wait more than 24 hours for a delivery, suggesting ‘next day’ delivery no longer adds value to online shoppers.

With over half (55%) of UK shoppers citing speed of delivery as the most important factor when shopping online, this, the report suggests, demonstrates that retailers need to assess the speed at which they offer fulfilment in line with the demands of omnichannel shoppers and which delivery options offer true ‘value’ to the customer.

59% agreed that retailers should offer faster fulfilment, with a third (32%) saying ‘ultra-express’ delivery services, that take less than two hours, should also be available, demonstrating the increasing demand for more immediate delivery options.

But it seemed, there was a tipping point when it came to speed of delivery versus free fulfilment, with over half (57%) saying they were prepared to pay for delivery if they needed an item quickly, while 47% said they shouldn’t have to pay if a delivery took more than a day to arrive.

David Grimes, CEO at Sorted, commented: “With consumers demanding faster and faster fulfilment processes, retailers need to manage customer expectations about speed of delivery. By letting a customer choose from a wider range of the best available delivery options, at different pricing bandings, the consumer becomes in control of crafting and defining what perfect delivery looks like to them on that buying occasion.”

“But in offering up additional options, retailers need to be confident they can deliver on these promises to uphold the delivery experience,” Grimes continued. “Practically, retailers should consider opting for delivery partners who are experts at delivering to certain postcode areas and for different types of products. Choosing a partner geared to perform at speed in a specific geographic area will make the process quicker, while carriers who specialise at delivering specific types of items, generally depending on their size and weight, are more likely to be meet deadlines and operate more cost effectively.”

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