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Northumberland's Polar Krush announces 2018 environment commitment campaign

Global iced drinks manufacturer, Polar Krush, has announced its 2018 environmental commitment.

Northumberland-based Polar Krush has announced its plans to stop the increasing levels of plastic globally, following the Prime Minister’s efforts to make the UK’s supermarkets “plastic-free” for the future.

Environmental sustainability is particularly important for the company, which has championed multi-use ‘Paw’ cups across its domestic and international territories, allowing families to refill rather than use plastic cups once.

It is also evaluating alternative materials for straws. The crackdown on plastic straws has had global backing after recent reports showed that it could take around 500 years for a single plastic straw to biodegrade.

Paul Goldfinch, Polar Krush’s managing director, said: “Our customers are predominantly children and families, and as a company we care about protecting the world that they are inheriting.

“In 2017 we introduced the world’s first sugar-free iced drink, made using Stevia leaf to act as a natural sweetener, as a direct response to the rising obesity crisis and we want to continue to put our customers first with our increased environmental initiatives.”

In 2018 the company is introducing recyclable cartons and collapsible bags in place of old plastic bottles to deliver the brand’s sugar-free concentrate to its clients.

The Polar Krush drink is delivered to suppliers as a concentrate, meaning six litres of finished product can be produced for every one litre shipped, minimising packaging waste.

The iced drinks manufacturer recently invested almost £2m in plant automation to increase efficiencies and support growth, including the installation of 212 solar panels on the factory roof.

The factory is operated using energy efficient machinery, and customer machines include autotimer modes to reduce energy usage at night, double-glazed bowls for temperature stability and autofill mechanisms to maximise optimum temperature and reduce waste.

All of the office based company vehicles are hybrid, with six electric charging points available on site.

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