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Detroit Social Club are back in the 'toon' with an all-new single and tour dates

Detroit Social Club, “retro Gospel rockers” from Tyneside, have announced their return to gigging after a six-year hiatus.

They’re returning with a new single and live tour dates. The band shot to national prominence with the chief songsmith, producer and vocalist, David Burn’s guidance.

Expect the band to release ‘Goodbye’ on February 9 along with anticipated live shows.

They’ll be kickin off the tour with three dates at Newcastle’s Jumpin’ Jacks venue in March 2018 - all three dates have sold out already.

Speaking of the band’s ‘renaissance’ and new material, David Burn, said: “Well its been a long six years since DSC last played.

“We originally split up as I needed to focus on seeing my daughter grow up. It was a great few years but ultimately there are more important things in life than music. Not many, but there are… Especially as I was hitting 30!

“It was a bit of a snap decision back then, and I had a few songs written that we never did anything with. Fast forward to 2018, my daughter is a lot older now and I really wanted an outlet for new ideas and songs.”

This will be the group’s first release since their critically acclaimed album ‘Existence’, released on Polydor’s Fiction Records, which hit shelves and ears in 2010.

It became such a success that the band took on headlining tours across the world with performances at Glastonbury Festival, Fuji Rocks as well as supporting stints with the likes of Oasis, Primal Scream and The Stone Roses frontman, Ian Brown.

Burn continued: “So we have two new songs; Wait and Goodbye. I was sat on the sofa one night and forced myself to write a song. Within an hour I had written and recorded Wait and had it online.

“The reaction was huge and encouraged me to do all of this. It’s very much an acoustic song played with an electric. I love it though.

“Goodbye came from the next session. It all felt really easy and as though I hadn’t had a break at all. It sounds massive with a nice balance of old and new DSC.”

Detroit Social Club will self-release Goodbye/Wait on February 9 on limited edition vinyl, and the single will also be available via all good digital stockists and streaming platforms.

David admitted that the single was recorded in his spare room, which must have felt rather nostalgic and almost teenager-like. But he said: “I never felt comfortable in those big commercial studios - they always seem like a barrier to creativity.

“Having a studio set up in the house has taken it back to the important stuff. A simpler set up brings much more ability to experiment and just see where things end up.

“This release was purely about getting something new out there. We announced the gig and it sold out straight away. We didn’t expect it at all, and I was really keen to ensure that people didn’t think I was just dining out on old material.”

So is it time for a comeback? He’s not too sure, although “it’s felt right at every stage. If it didn’t feel right, I wouldn’t do it.

“It’s grown its own momentum and we can’t wait to see where it goes and takes us.”

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