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Rachel Peacock, Digital Union's networks manager.
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Newcastle's Digital Union to publish manifesto in April

In a bid to tackle some of the big challenges faced by the regions creative, digital and tech businesses, Digital Union has announced that it will publish its first manifesto in April 2018 for its members.

Powered by Generator, Digital Union confirmed it is inviting members to a collaborative event this month so that those at the forefront of the industry can have their voices heard and decide on the manifesto’s content.

Access to business support, investment, talent, and working spaces are likely to be some of the big themes and issues of the day when the organisations first members manifesto meet takes place at Northern Design Centre on Wednesday January 31; an event Digital Union’s networks manager Rachel Peacock, is keen to get underway.

She said: “We’re inviting all our members and key organisations to come and have their say about business challenges in the region. We want to see how Digital Union can play a part to plug any gaps and campaign for change.

“We’re using this event to work with the local authorities, LEPs, and educational institutions to ensure they are doing as much as possible to support and promote the growing North East creative, digital and tech sector.

“With the help of our members, we also want to outline what the priorities are for us at Digital Union, so that we can get on the campaign trail and bring problems to the fore and work with partners to produce much needed solutions.”

Digital Union will be running the event in an ‘open space’ format, which will allow everyone to have their say.

At the end of the session, Digital Union will feedback key headlines that will develop key themes for the final manifesto. This will become the document on which Digital Union will base its agenda for the coming year.

Digital Union is open to all digital, creative, and tech businesses in the region. From startups and freelance photographers, to those wanting to work with digital companies offering valuable services and expertise in HR, legal, and finance.

Samantha Grigg, lead marketing guru at Blu Sky, added: “As a member of Digital Union, we are very interested in what the creative, digital and tech community has to say about what they’d like to come from the year ahead.

“We’re looking forward to seeing which areas we’ll be able to help with, and understand how many others come across the same challenges as us.

“With legal changes like GDPR fast approaching, and Brexit not far behind, it’s vital that the creative, digital and tech community comes together to share their learnings and experiences, worries and challenges.

“Fellow businesses should get involved with the Manifesto to get their voice heard! Let’s pull together and work out where we need support!”

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