One of Yorkshire Water's flagship sites is the brand new Blackburn Meadows sewage treatment works in Sheffield.
One of Yorkshire Water's flagship sites is the brand new Blackburn Meadows sewage treatment works in Sheffield.
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Yorkshire Water announces appointment of Strategic Planning Partner in £50m deal

Yorkshire Water has announced the appointment of Stantec as its sole Strategic Planning Partner (SPP) in a deal worth £50m.

The announcement comes as the water firm prepares supply chain arrangements and contracts for the AMP7 period (2020 – 2025).

The seven-year contract is commencing this month until March 2025, with the potential to extend by an additional five years.

Stantec will provide a range of services to support Yorkshire Water’s plan, including to help drive innovation in the approach to resolving risk; exploiting new technology, partnership working and use of markets.

Nevil Muncaster, Yorkshire Water’s director of asset management, said: “The appointment of Stantec demonstrates the first of a series of exciting changes that we are making to ensure that we excel in AMP7 and beyond.”

Cath Schefer, Stantec UK managing director, added: “I’m delighted that Stantec has been selected by Yorkshire Water to be its Strategic Planning Partner.

“We look forward to working in an integrated partnership to support the delivery of benefits to Yorkshire Water’s customers and the wider community.”

Yorkshire Water’s partnering arrangements throughout AMP7 involve an investment of around £1.5bn.

On innovation, Nevil Muncaster of Yorkshire Water commented: “Innovation is a key driving force, allowing delivery of more while keeping costs down and helping meet the challenges of climate change, population growth and economic pressures.

“Future supply chain partners will also need to support the development and delivery of low carbon solutions and enhance our use of standard products and solutions, off site construction and modular build.”

Yorkshire Water has deployed a ‘Six Capitals Model’ philosophy where supply chain partners will be asked to think beyond traditional construction and engineering requirements.

The model encompasses financial capital, manufactured capital, natural capital, social capital, human capital and intellectual capital, with each of these elements needing to be factored into project design.

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