MileEyes, developed by Powerhouse Software.
Rebecca Wayman

Tyneside developers launch new 'revolutionary' mileage tracking app

A new app designed by developers in the North East is set to transform the way SMEs track and manage mileage.

Launched by Tyneside’s Powerhouse Software, the MileEyes app will allow drivers to automatically track journeys via its GPS function.

Research conducted by the company found that many businesses in the North East - and the country - are not able to manage mileage reliably and accurately. Large numbers of employees are said to be unable to produce proof for journeys that they have taken.

Powerhouse Software’s CEO said the studio’s new app will create a fair playing field for the employer and the employee.

Dan Smith explained: “MileEyes works well for both large and small businesses, whether the focus of the business is driving or otherwise.

“From quick, local trips by one employee, to regular, long journeys for several individuals, MileEyes has a plan suited to any driver. Unlike other products out there that offer mileage tracking, the driver will still have control of what they track.

“Creating an app that tracks every journey they do automatically, eats into both of these factors, so we created MileEyes with a Start/Stop function, so a person would only track the journeys they need to and only use the battery and data required.”

The MileEyes app features live GPS tracking which allows people to track and save every mile on a business journey.

Once a user has tracked a journey, the app will automatically submit a mileage expense claim to a Company Dashboard for a company Admin to process and export.

Dan added: “We are constantly working to build products to help serve the micro-business world.

“This year we want to grow, grow the product and the team, we want to keep the engine going full steam ahead, continuing to develop these products through new innovative feature and get them into the hands of those they will benefit most.”

The MileEyes app is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.

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