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‘Standard’ is a thing of the past at garage door firm

Bolton based garage door specialists, Avemoor, have seen a significant increase in enquiries and sales for ‘odd-sized’ garage doors, where customers have not realised that the ‘standard garage door’ does not exist.

With trends in home exteriors continually evolving, more choice on colour, design and features are now becoming the norm in the industry, especially in today’s fast paced house sales market, where curb appeal is a major driver in house sales.

The garage door manufacturer, who supply and fit for consumers across the North-West, said that there appears to be a stigma that garage doors are a standard size, and anything that didn’t meet this ‘standard’ measurement would imply high cost.

The Westhoughton firm want to educate consumers about garage doors and that there’s no such thing as a ‘standard size’ and the ones they produce do not incur high costs.

Director Chris Gibson said “With the variety of different properties out there, all garage doors vary in size, so all of ours are made bespoke, there’s no such thing as a standard size garage door.”

Through its parent company, Select Garage Doors, Avemoor manufactured 2500 bespoke garage doors in 2017. White being the the most popular choice of colour, closely followed by anthracite, with garage doors with side hinges and windows taking over in popularity, compared to the more traditional up-and-over garage doors.

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