Future Calling: What are the top calling technology predictions for 2019?

As technology progresses into the future, humanity has always been interested in knowing how these advancements will bring us all together. The connection of communication is essential for those who are looking to keep in contact with friends and relations, and those who are looking to run a business. Thus, it is essential that the Calling Technology of 2019 be as smooth and up-to-date as it possibly can. This list will demonstrate a number of predications for calling technology once 2019 creeps upon us.

1) The AI Caller

Whilst AI machinery is still too expensive to be fully implemented into the work place,key players like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have started to incorporate it into their use of the Cloud. This is so that they can bring technology, including calling technology, to a wider audience. For instance, Microsoft has recently teamed with Amazon to provide an AI called Gluon, a deep learning library, which can mimic brain functions. Should this AI software be a success then it will provide businesses a fantastic opportunity in regards to their consultancy services, as well as how their customer services can direct potential clients to a worker that can assist them. There has even been talk that the Google Assistant will now start making phone calls for their owners; the AI is clearly the way of the future.

2) The Domination of VOIP

When we think of calling someone we usually associate it with a phone or landline. However, as 2019 approaches, it is time that we start utilising the internet and its platforms that can keep us in contact with our friends and colleagues. There are many advantages of VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol.) For a business, VOIP comes with the benefits of free access, auto attendants, email transcribing and call screen, and for keeping in contact with loved ones, the ability to connect anywhere in the world, as well as easy installation. With this in mind, it is easy to see how the internet may end up becoming an easier alternative to the telephone, especially for expanding businesses.

3) Wi-Fi-Calling

To follow on from the emergence of internet-based calling, it is now possible to have your phone call another phone using the Wi-Fi rather than a landline or mobile cell service. Popular with Apple phone users, Wi-Fi Calling can send text messages at a greater speed and even provide a better connective service.

This is a far cheaper option than using a landline connection, however, in the future (i.e. 2019) it seems that there are those interested in taking it a step further. As there is a fear that using a Wi-Fi network may be prone to disconnect, there are providers that wish to use LTE (Long Term Evolution) to allow the phone to easily switch between their current Wi-Fi and their phone network. It appears as if an integration of the phone line and the internet is imminent.

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