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Snapchat’s Latest Update on Amazon Feature – Buy What You Like

Like It, Snap It, Buy It- A simple way to buy your favorite item online from the renowned e-commerce sites. Snapchat rolled out its latest visual product search feature in a partnership with Amazon. Challenging their competitors like Pinterest and Instagram, the company has brought this feature to facilitate its users with better services. The partnership of Snapchat and Amazon brings put an effective way for the customers to buy the products of their choice from the online store the moment they saw them. Recently, social media platforms are driving sales to the businesses and strongly impacting purchase behavior of young generation. Snapchat opening a door for the users to search the products that they like while doing their daily work. Just snap it and check it, if it is available online and if does, then buy it easily.

How will it work and its advantages?

Snapchat users can snap a product or barcode from their application’s camera and if the product is available on the Amazon store, then a display will pop up on your screen providing the product details. For example, you snap a sunglasses, the Snapchat’s technology will determine what user is scanning and then Amazon will determine the product details if it is available. Amazon uses machine vision technology to recognize artworks, logos, or package covers through which Amazon can visually identify the product features. The harmony between the two technologies will benefit customers as well as Snapchat and Amazon. This partnership will empower both companies as Amazon is benefiting directly by gaining vast audience reach through Snapchat. Amazon will be exposed to a user base which consists of around 200 million active users, thus gaining a potential real-time interaction via Snap’s feature. This feature brings advantage to the users as even if a user is unaware of the product details like brand name, price, etc. they get to know about the product. This type of technology will be faster in building brand awareness then word of mouth. It will help users to shop globally without being restrained by the language barrier. In the recent time, Snapchat has lost many of its users because of the fierce competition in the market to offer the best services to the users. Making user-friendly apps and offering innovative functionalities is the only way to stand out in the market. Thus, instead of building an in-house technology, the partnership is more financially beneficial. Technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence are adding values to the way we interact with the surroundings. Snapchat is one of the companies utilizing these new technologies to create meaningful apps for their users and attracting a vast audience to leverage the benefits of this feature.

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