Applying for a small business loan often takes just minutes
Applying for a small business loan often takes just minutes
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How to fund your business idea

So you’ve had an idea for your business, one that’ll take it to the next level. Perhaps it’s something you’ve mulled for years, or maybe it came to you suddenly in one of those lightbulb moments. You know it’ll work commercially, but how should you raise the funding needed to bring your groundbreaking idea to fruition?

A solid way of putting the cash where it needs to be is to approach a specialist provider of small business loans. The application process is often completed online and takes just minutes.

What does the process involve?

It’s recommended you have at least three months’ worth of bank statements ready and some ID. A lender will then analyse your business and make an offer, and once contracts are signed, funds are transferred and you’re away.

As you can see, the process is usually simple. But it’s important to take certain steps before approaching a lender to make your application as attractive as possible.

It’s best to look at your idea and the way you’re presenting it from the lender’s perspective. To minimise risk, they’re going to consider a number of factors before deciding on the amount to offer and the terms of the loan.

A lender is likely to assess your monthly revenues, your average daily balance, the age of your business and its overall credit profile.

In ordinary circumstances, the amount offered will depend on your business’ monthly turnover. It ensures the loan is not just affordable, but affordable enough for your business to continue flourishing and deliver on your original idea.

Top tips for a smooth loan application

If you’ve decided to approach a provider of small business loans, here are three pieces of key advice.

Firstly, it sounds like a given but you’d be surprised; make sure your application is fully complete, providing all the correct information and documents as instructed. It helps speed the process along.

Secondly, be upfront if there’s any adverse information to include. Experienced lenders understand that businesses can hit bumps along the road. It’s worth being honest, as anything you try to cover up will probably come up during their checks.

Thirdly, think positive! Explain how you plan to use the cash to grow your business. This is your original idea - the reason you sought funding in the first place. Are you looking to expand into new markets? Add new products to your range? Take on more staff? Be sure to tell the lender. They’ll want to hear about your plans!

There you have it. Small business loans offer a surefire way of putting cash behind your company. Getting your idea off the ground is easy if you know how.

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