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Which field of digital marketing is right for you?

It’s no secret that digital marketing is fast becoming one of the most lucrative industries in the modern world. But as demand for digital marketing has grown, so too have the number of fields in which to specialise. The digital marketing guru, author and Digital Marketing Leadership Coach Hafiz Muhammad Ali has pioneered a unique psychometric test to help.

By Hafiz Muhammad Ali

In the last 10 years, digital innovation has transformed every industry, field and job market. Today, almost every business worldwide will have an online presence. Those few companies that refuse to innovate will die. As technology evolves and advances, the need for digital marketers to manage that process – and deal with its fallout - has never been greater. New roles are constantly emerging as companies adapt to new customer habits and strive to stay ahead of the competition.

Consider customer experiences, for instance. A decade ago, unhappy customers wrote a letter of complaint; happy ones may have done the same. Now, customers will vent their views online where it can (and will) be found by audiences worldwide. Its digital footprint will leave an indefinite, indelible mark on the internet, and on the business.

Then there’s the problem of data-focused marketing. Before the advancement of digital advertising, companies large and small relied on printed media to display their wares. The process was relatively simple. Today, every (successful) marketing campaign will typically require a more complex strategy, often including a social media or digital ad component. These examples – and there are countless more – must be managed by someone with the necessary digital skills.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the marketplace is overflowing with tech-savvy millennials keen and ready to cash-in on the lucrative digital explosion. But in fact, the ever-changing landscape of online marketing has created a skills gap between demand and available talent. The number of people who understand the intersection of ecommerce and digital marketing is surprisingly small. This presents professionals looking for a career change with a unique opportunity to make a transition into digital marketing and, crucially, to find their niche within it.

Unfortunately, the volume and variety of roles on offer can make the process of determining what digital marketing hat to wear a daunting task. Are you best suited to SEO, per-per-click (PPC) or web analytics? Or would content marketing, social media and mobile marketing be a better match?

I’ve developed the first psychometric test of its kind to help aspiring digital marketers find the best role to fit their personality. It’s called ‘Digital Ladder’ and it’s designed to reveal what digital marketing specialisation fits a person’s natural traits. It analyses personality characteristics, aptitude, and abilities through multiple choice questions and is backed by the three main scientifically-supported psychological tests – The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Big Five Personality Traits, and The Clifton Strengths Finder.

Users receive a personalised report that explains your personality type and the core individual strengths which make them unique. It also goes into detail about relationships, interactions and team roles to identify what digital marketing field best reflects their natural assets. One in 30 people who take the Digital Marketing Career Assessment also win a scholarship to become a certified digital marketer.

Whatever role you choose in this explosive industry, the Digital Ladder and my new book – Digital Passport: Your Pass to a Promising Career in Digital Marketing – will guide you through the minefield.

Hafiz Muhammad Ali is a serial entrepreneur and one of the UK’s leading digital marketing career and leadership coaches. He is the founder of international digital marketing agency, Omnicore and a regular contributor to Entrepreneur. His new book, Digital Passport: Your Pass to a Promising Career in Digital Marketing (Omnicore Publishing), is a comprehensive guide to launching a digital marketing career and is available now on Amazon UK priced £9.14 in paperback and £4.98 as an eBook. Find out more at

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