Kit Latham
Kit Latham

Tech start-up set to make healthcare HR “as easy as using PayPal”

London-based tech firm drfocused is setting its sights on global markets in North America, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East as it rolls out its signature HR solution for the healthcare industry, Medic Passport.

Founded in April 2016 by CEO Dr Kit Latham, a former emergency medicine physician, drfocused is aiming to drastically reduce the bureaucratic burden on medical professionals by making signing up to a new healthcare employer “as easy as using PayPal”.

According to a recent survey by the British Medical Association, excessive paperwork is one of the top three causes of burnout amongst clinicians. Thousands of hours of medical time are wasted each year on form-filling and administration, hindering doctors’ productivity to the extent that patients do not always receive the quality of care they deserve. Medic Passport is an automated, Cloud-based HR system, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), which allows doctors to share their HR details with employers at the click of a button, eliminating the need to complete time-consuming paperwork. Medic Passport ensures that each employee is CQC compliant and helps employers through every stage of the recruitment process, from initial contact through to on-boarding and induction. It automates much of HR and compliance, automatically scanning, validating and processing HR documents using AI to reduce the paperwork burden on busy staff.

That means less time is wasted filling out forms, and the cost of employing doctors, nurses or care professionals is reduced – so more money can be spent on patients.

drfocused has plans to expand its team to meet customer demand for Medic Passport, and has long-term ambitions to become an NHS partner alongside its work with private healthcare providers across the globe.

drfocused CEO Kit Latham said: “We want signing up to a new healthcare employer to be as easy as using PayPal or buying something online. Medic Passport allows medical professionals to share their HR details with a new employer with just one click. Health care workers waste so much time filling in the same paperwork again and again, and this has ultimately had a damaging effect on their productivity. If we can reduce the bureaucratic burden for both medical professionals and employers alike, we will be very pleased. Medic Passport utilises AI to improve efficiency within the healthcare industry and reduce the cost of healthcare for providers, doctors and patients.”

He added: “As a company founded by doctors, we are fully aware how valuable doctors’ time is and how much is being wasted on paperwork. It is time for technologies like Medic Passport to take care of doctors by refocusing attention on their main task – providing excellent care to patients. We will be introducing the product to a variety of global markets, and we’ll be looking to work with the NHS in the long-term.”

Dr Anshumen Bhagat, founder of GPDQ, a drfocused client, added: “At GPDQ, we ensure our doctors are well trained, CQC compliant and have a high quality induction. Medic Passport means we can achieve this in a fraction of the time.”

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