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Transparent pricing For First Time Buyers
Duncan Pattinson

Transparent Help To Buy Conveyancing - Supporting Developers And First Time Buyers

Property Developers Working With First Time Buyers

Property Developers sometimes stipulate that Buyers should use their nominated Solicitor. This can cause uncertainty for the Buyer. The Solicitor acts for the person that is paying the bill. If the Solicitor is on both sides of the fence, then it can be argued that they are not acting in the interests of the Buyer.

Maybe we should explore why Developers have taken the route of nominating Solicitors. Developers need to know how a Client that has signed a reservation form, is progressing. If they have a link with a specific Solicitor then they can keep track on whats happening.

Transparent Legal Costs For All

Developers can now use this transparent service to provide choice to their potential Buyers.

Developers need this process to be slick. Having a panel of Solicitors that are experienced spreads the risk for the Developer. Its all about conveyancing choice for the Buyer and conveyancing insight for the Developer.

The investor market due to the higher Stamp Duty and new compliance has reduced substantially over the past 12 months.

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