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University of Oxford spin-out Diffblue allows developers to experience AI for Code for free

Diffblue, the University of Oxford spin-out, has launched a new free tool that allows developers of any skill level to utilise the power of AI for code.

Diffblue Playground uses artificial intelligence to generate unit tests for code in seconds. In practice, the tool will write unit tests for developers as a human would so they can better understand their code. The spin-out has made Diffblue Playground freely available to the entire developer community. The tool also includes a live chat option so that users can engage in dialogue with the Diffblue team.

The Diffblue team has included the option to import proprietary code or to try Diffblue Playground against a variety of code examples. In practice, this means developers can see the tool in action immediately.

Diffblue Playground is a cloud-native serverless version of the company’s flagship product Diffblue Cover, a developer productivity tool that uses AI for code to automate unit testing and is used by multinational companies across the world.

The AI for Code company was spun out of the University of Oxford’s Computer Science department in 2016.

Daniel Kroening, founder and CEO of Diffblue, commented: “This is our way to connect with the next generation of developers. Since we founded Diffblue, we’ve wanted to get AI for Code into the hands of as many developers as possible. With Diffblue Playground, we’re excited to show the world the power of AI for Code and the boundless potential of using next-generation technology to improve the way in which we test and develop software. We know that testing remains a real and growing pain point for developers and we anticipate significant demand from developers around the world who can use this for free.”

Peter Schrammel, CTO of Diffblue, added: “The technology behind Diffblue Playground has been in development for the past three years. According to Stack Overflow, over 80% of developers code as a hobby, and we’re excited to finally be able to offer it to the community of developers hungry for freely available resources. Until now, access to AI-powered automated unit testing products has been limited to commercial enterprises, and we look forward to seeing the reaction of the developer community. In particular, we are keen to hear from users on what changes they’d like to see made as we continue to iterate Playground.”

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