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World Sleep Day Exclusive: 35% Of People Would Sacrifice A Payrise For Extra Sleep

In a World Sleep Day exclusive, online pharmacy Chemist 4 U has shared findings from their comprehensive sleep study, which surveyed 2000 people on their sleeping habits and bedroom antics.

With only 16% maintaining that they feel as though they get enough sleep every night, as many as 35% of people have said they they would give up a portion of their salary for an extra hours sleep each night.

And it seems as though technology may be at least partly to blame, with 46% admitting they spend time on social media in bed, while 44% check their emails and 53% browse the internet.

41% admitted they were not morning people, as 26% say that stress keeps them up at night. Being unable to sleep soundly has resulted in 12% of people testing meditation before bedtime, 17% using herbal remedies and a staggering 22% taking tablets to aid their snooze.

The study also revealed that a surprising 37% of people sleep in separate beds to their partners whilst living in the same household. While at the same time, 26% admitted to kipping with their pets, and 28% let their kids sleep with them.

When quizzed, 39% of women said they prefer to sleep alone than with their other half, and 31% of men said the same. It was also revealed that this figure peaked for the 18-24 age group, of which 31% said they’d rather sleep on their own, and then saw a drop followed by a steady increase again as the respondents got older. The highest proportion of those who preferred to have the bed to themselves belonged to the 45-54 age group - 39% said they would rather sleep alone.

As a result of factors including stress, caffeine and noise - a huge 30% said they suffer with insomnia, and 15% said night terrors are not uncommon either.

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