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Equals Collective Launches To Bridge the Gap Between Technology Investment and Success

British Entrepreneurs Peter Rossi and Harry East, have launched Venture Enabler, Equals Collective, to bridge the gap between technology investment and achieving scale up success. Chris Thompson as COO and Neil Martin also join this ground breaking initiative as Non-Exec Director and advisor (formerly McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari Formula One) respectively.

The Equals Collective will deliver technology, marketing and creative expertise to Venture Capital backed businesses to accelerate their development and increase investor returns. Less than 15% of technology investments successfully reach their potential₁ the Equals Collective has been launched to change this by ensuring technology delivers on business objectives, providing highly skilled capability in the UK in a unique blend of services and support that will maximise returns and success for all parties.

As a trusted advisor to many investors, Rossi holds the view that investors need experienced technology, design and marketing partners to enable their ventures to be successful. By providing a solid foundation of skills to their portfolio, investors can reduce the capital required to realise a return on investment and ensure that the investee can hit their business objectives and become sustainable.

Rossi says “With Equals Collective we’re defining a new type of business that will supercharge the UK VC market, by partnering and supporting it, rather than compete as Venture Builders do” he continues “We are launching a Venture Enabler, by working with multiple investors to accelerate their portfolios as their trusted partner.”

Harry East added “By ensuring we’re accountable to both the investor and the investee, we reduce the risk and complexity associated with building teams and delivering the great products that were originally envisioned by the investor”, East continued “In a sometimes confused market where Venture Builders are becoming more commonplace, investors have realised the need to offer more than just capital to deliver on a business plan. Our solution not only provides the people and accountability but our commercial model aligns to the business plans to enable success.”

“I see the same challenges in companies that have just received venture funding” Rossi commented, “By aligning our capability to their business plan and the investors objectives, we can deliver the skills and experience these businesses need to succeed from day one”.

To solve these issues, Rossi and East have launched five UK based teams; Labs, Creative, Velocity, Advance and Ventures, offering all of the expertise investors need for their portfolios. These teams can either work individually with clients to solve a specific business need, or they can combine as the Collective to deliver across all areas a business needs for success.

“Given an unsettled economy, and with Brexit looming, it is vital that British businesses innovate and thrive through technology”, East stated. Equals Collective now meets this need, whilst offering existing clients an enhanced capability.

Equals Collective has attracted the interest of a number of investors and startups and is actively enabling their success.

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