Emma Vieira & Bill Liddy
Emma Vieira and Bill Liddy outside the Gosforth Park restaurant

Introducing McDonald’s New Female Franchisee in the North East

The McDonald’s at Gosforth Park has been taken over by Emma Vieira, having had the reins handed over to her from her father and McDonald’s franchisee, Bill Liddy. Emma’s successful transition to become a franchisee in her own right, means she is one of the first second-generation franchisees for McDonald’s in the UK.

Emma also becomes the first female franchisee in the Newcastle area for McDonald’s, having worked within Bill’s franchised business since 1999. Over the past 20 years Emma has worked her way up through the business both in the restaurants and subsequently management roles, to support her long-held ambition to become a franchisee. She started her career as an Assistant Manager in the Eldon Square restaurant and most recently has spent the past five years as an area supervisor, overseeing the operations of three restaurants including Gosforth Park. Even with her extensive experience of working within her father’s McDonald’s franchise, Emma still had to pass through McDonald’s rigorous franchisee application and approval process.

Bill himself has been a franchisee for 25 years and is also about to take ownership of the McDonald’s restaurant on Grainger Street in Newcastle city centre. Bill now owns and operates seven restaurants across Northumberland and Tyne and Wear, and employs 725 people locally.

Commenting Emma Vieira said: “I am thrilled to be taking over the Gosforth Park restaurant. I’m very lucky to have worked hand in hand with the great restaurant team for a number of years and to have learnt so much from my dad in running a successful McDonald’s franchise. McDonald’s is an exciting franchised business to work with and franchisees are a key port of the success of the McDonald’s business. I’m looking forward to developing both my own team and organisation and working as part of the McDonald’s system to generate ideas and innovation to continue to deliver a great experience for our customers.”

Bill Liddy said: “It’s a very exciting time for me personally and professionally. To see Emma take on her own McDonald’s franchise is a very proud moment for me. McDonald’s thrives on having a diverse group of franchisees operating local restaurants and I know Emma will make a great addition to our franchisee community.” “I’m also delighted to continue to grow my own business with the addition of the Grainger Street restaurant. I’m very much looking forward to welcoming the restaurant staff and management team into my business. Growing my business means that I can continue to invest in the local area and in my team across Newcastle, Tyne and Wear and Northumberland.”

McDonald’s has 1,270 restaurant across the UK with over 80% operated by franchisees like Emma and Bill. Prospective franchisees have to undertake an extensive application and rigorous selection process to be granted a 20 year franchise. McDonald’s franchisees are committed to contributing to their local communities in a range of different ways; from getting involved in community regeneration projects to fundraising for local charities and sponsoring grassroots sports teams.

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