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Chiswick Park firm reveals new partnership with local primary school

Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work has announced a new community partnership with St Mary’s primary school to support its sustainability project, Chiswick Oasis.

This is set to enable the creation of a green wall and several other initiatives to improve clean air.

‘Chiswick Oasis’ was launched in September 2018 by a group of parents from St. Mary’s primary school, located by the A4.

The project includes the installation of a ‘living wall’ and other landscaping features along the A4 boundary wall, using plants which have proven benefits in removing pollutants from the air and improving air quality.

Charlotte Fougeres, PR and community manager of Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, said: “Education is a key focus in our CSR strategy Enjoy-Work Tomorrow. We believe that whatever we do today will have an impact on tomorrow.

“We work closely with our local community to share our approach to caring for the environment. Chiswick Oasis is a great opportunity to get involved in a local project that will make a difference to the lives of younger generations.”

The final proposal is for the site to be made available for fairs, markets and community events, outside of school hours.

Andrea Carnevali, head of the group of parents who has been leading the creation of the Chiswick Oasis, added: “This partnership is a really exciting development for our project, one that will improve the lives of hundreds of children and the whole community.

“I look forward to making our school a model for several others to follow.”

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