PJ Smith will be Vitality Homes' Recovery Community Lead Practitioner

Kate Stewart appoints PJ Smith as Recovery Community Lead Practitioner at Vitality Homes

Businesswoman Kate Stewart has recently unveiled her latest venture Vitality Homes, which will help integrate those previously addicted to drugs and alcohol back into society.

And to prepare for the launch of her first supported living site, Ms Stewart has been bolstering her team with leaders in recovery services.

Her latest recruit is PJ Smith who has joined the team as Recovery Community Lead Practitioner, with a wealth of experience having worked at Tom Harrison House - the UK’s first and only addiction treatment centre for military veterans, The Brink - the UK’s first alcohol-free bar and The Spider Project. He is also highly engaged in music, sports, arts and cultural activities within the city.

PJ joins his mother Jacquie Johnston-Lynch, who was in February appointed as Vitality Homes’ Head of Service. Jacquie also has a plethora of experience including leading projects at The Brink, Tom Harrison House, and also The Raucous Caucus Recovery Chorus - the UK’s first ever recovery choir.

Having personally suffered with alcohol and substance addiction, PJ has now been sober for twelve years. The 38-year-old has also been working in the recovery services industry for a decade since his recovery.

Vitality Homes will provide accommodation and 24-hour support for people who have overcome addiction and are drug and alcohol-free. It will help to integrate those people back into society through supported living.

Commenting on his new role, PJ said: “I am delighted to join Vitality Homes where I’ll be helping those who really want to overcome drug and alcohol addiction to do so and help them to ease their way back into society.

“As a former addict, I can empathise with the service users on a different level. I will be assisting them with their self-respect, confidence, integrity, honesty and regaining their principals. Our aim is to cultivate a recovery community where people are supported in making better choices for themselves and taking responsibility for their own lives, and in addition to this I am enthusiastic about bringing the theme of arts, sports and culture to our project.”

Founder Kate Stewart added: “PJ is the perfect candidate to take on this role. Having experienced a lot of what our service users have gone through, and coming out of the other side and recovering, he’s an inspiration to all.

“I’m delighted that our service users will have PJ to lead them on their journeys. He will be their greatest support so that they feel confident in integrating back into the community and becoming productive members of society.”

Vitality Homes’ first site will be open in the coming weeks.

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