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Virtual reality experts create health and safety training solution for global manufacturer

Virtual reality experts from the North East have created a health and safety training solution for a global manufacturer.

Luminous Group, one of the UK’s leading cross reality companies, has joined forces with Morgan Advanced Materials plc to provide them with virtual injury prevention training software launching this summer.

The training solution allows global manufacturer Morgan to virtually simulate dangerous situations that could occur when operating heavy machinery such as circular saws, lathes or other cutting equipment.

Employees following incorrect procedure will witness first-hand the consequences allowing Morgan to effectively train staff and dramatically reduce the risk of any serious injury in real-life.

The software allows employees to immerse themselves into a virtual reality similar to their everyday working environment, and the programme is full of distractions and includes an exact replica of their factory floor, to recreate potentially dangerous scenarios without exposing employees to the risks whilst training.

Ben Bennett, managing director of Luminous Group, said: “Virtual reality is opening up very real solutions to a range of industries’ issues, allowing companies to give real world experiences during training without exposing staff to the risk.

“The technology takes training leaps beyond presentations and workshops by exposing employees to the true risks and consequences if a procedure isn’t carried out correctly.

“It’s only a matter of time before more companies will use virtual reality to implement training strategies and it’s exciting to see a company the size of Morgan PLC taking a lead in the industry.”

Finlay Graham, director of group EH&S at Morgan Advanced Materials plc, added: “Employee Safety is our number one priority at Morgan and there’s no doubt that virtual reality is the future of successfully engaging with our employees on EH&S training.

“We’re excited to be working with Luminous to give our employees the safest possible training solution within a work environment.

“Luminous Group have been terrific to work with and we’re really impressed with the solution they’ve developed for us, which will enable us to get one step closer to reaching our goal of zero harm for our employees.”

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