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Yorkshire-based branding agency ALLGOOD created quite a stir across the country on Stop Cyberbullying Day

Yorkshire-based branding agency ALLGOOD created quite a stir across the country on Stop Cyberbullying Day, shocking the public into taking note of some of the atrocities that happen behind our screens.

The campaign utilised Ocean Outdoor’s extensive network of digital advertising screens in support of The Cybersmile Foundation.

everyone hates u i wish u were dead ur so weird - ur so unique

i wish u were dead ur cancelled ur really weird - ur really unique

These messages were promoted across big screens in cities including; Leeds, London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Birmingham. They rotated seamlessly amongst fashion and lifestyle brands, in a bid to shock passers-by into stopping to take notice of the ugly reality of cyberbullying. Viewers then saw these messages transform into messages of positivity and kindness to re-address the balance and encourage more thoughtful actions and comments to help the fight against cyberbullying.

Materialised from a creative idea, the team of at ALLGOOD have committed to this project pro-bono in support of The Cybersmile Foundation. 
 Stop Cyberbullying Day is an internationally recognised day of awareness founded by The Cybersmile Foundation.

Research indicates that over half of all adolescents and teens have been bullied online and Paul Dodd, Founder of ALLGOOD, is on a mission to delete the hate. He has his own personal concerns too, with his 8-year-old son being new to gaming, and communicating with strangers via the popular game Fortnite.

Paul, who suffered a brain haemorrhage two years ago, was left fighting for his life, dealing with memory loss and a long road to recovery - he relied heavily on others to support him and found the kindness of friends and strangers online was massively uplifting. He said: “During my darkest days the kindness of people reaching out via social media drove me on and helped me stay positive during my recovery. It was such a devastating time and knowing that people from all over the world were sending me positive vibes had a huge impact on my positive mental health”. In January 2019, Paul was given the all clear from the medics – and coming through such a life transforming experience has seen him re-evaluate his business. ‘Branding for the Power of Good’ is their new motto, and purposeful projects are now the focus at ALLGOOD, who’s team have been given the name ‘The Do Gooders’, committed to using their skills and expertise for good, on projects that have a lasting impact.

Stop Cyberbullying Day, runs annually, every third Friday in June, bringing together thought leaders, influencers, educational institutions, individuals and companies around the world.

Stop Cyberbullying Day encourages people around the world to show their commitment toward a truly inclusive and diverse online environment for all – without fear of personal threats, harassment or abuse. Users of social media are invited to use the hashtag #STOPCYBERBULLYINGDAY to show their support for inclusion, diversity, self-empowerment and free speech.

Paul said of the campaign in the UK: “The aim of the campaign was to make people think about their tone and tenor online. Cyberbullying needs to be brought into the public arena as it’s often so easy to be hurtful, negative and harming behind a screen.”

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