Map of interest in veganism across Europe
Image Source: Ceuta Group
Map of increase in veganism across Europe

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‘Brands must stay ahead of the curve,’ says Ceuta Group as new research reveals a 469% surge in British consumers interested in veganism

As new research reveals that there has been a surge in the number of Brits interested in veganism, Ceuta Group is encouraging brands to diversify their product range to meet the demands of consumers who want sustainable, plant-based alternatives.

Research by the consumer brand business has found that the number of British consumers researching plant-based products have shot up by 469% according to Google data.

Their research also discovered that the UK is 4th highest country in Europe for consumers interested in switching to plant-based food & drink and health & personal care products with the Netherlands, Greece and Portugal leading the way.

Annette D’Abreo, Ceuta Group’s managing director, said: “Consumers are paying more attention to what they put on their bodies and in their bodies when thinking about health, beauty, food and drink. This seismic change is forcing brand owners to think differently.”

“Sustainability, ethically sourced ingredients, plastic reduction and carbon footprint are hot topics facing brands, and healthier choices are now at the forefront of the shopper’s minds. With retailers understanding this important move just as much as consumers, it is their responsibility to stay ahead of the curve.”

Although most people think that veganism is all about animal welfare, the most popular reason why Brits are contemplating a plant-based diet are to reduce their carbon footprint and improve their health, according to the study.

Ceuta Group’s research reveals that there has been a 159% growth in the number of people exploring the environmental benefits of plant-based products. The second most popular motive was health, where there has a 61% increase. Animal welfare was only the third most popular with a 30% growth.

Adele Halsall, a vegan blogger and influencer who writes for Everything’s Peachy, said: “The UK government has just declared a climate emergency. A huge part of why we are in a crisis is down to animal agriculture, which is the second largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions after fossil fuels.”

“Many people, especially environmentalists, cannot conceivably go on eating animals knowing that it is largely responsible for the dangerous state we are in. Animal agriculture is responsible for 75-80% of all agricultural emissions, and cattle farming alone is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions and uses 25% of the world’s ice-free land. Plant crops on the other hand only produce 7% of emissions and use 12% of land.”

The study comes off the back of KFC’s announcement that it is launching its first ever vegan chicken burger in the UK.

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