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Adtrak Managing Director, Chris Robinson and Adtrak Director, Ian Cromie

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Adtrak's Change for Growth

Leading digital marketing agency, Adtrak, has announced huge changes to its structure and working processes.

Over the past 12 months, the digital agency - which employs over 120 people from its Nottingham office - has undergone an extensive change programme in order to improve its client experience, facilitate growth and exceed its reputation as a great city-centre employer.

Dubbed ‘Change for Growth’, Adtrak’s transformation has been developed to ensure a customer-centric approach which attracts new clients whilst nurturing and growing their existing ones. They introduced a new customer proposition: simplicity, visibility and performance - and everything the digital agency does and introduces must adhere to these three principles.

In order to achieve a total focus on the client, Adtrak looked at its people and organisation. The agency reviewed its structure, systems, products and marketing approach to ensure each element is setup to deliver exceptional service in a timely and effective manner.

‘Change for Growth’ has been designed and implemented by Ian Cromie, a Director at Adtrak. He joined the company nearly 18 months ago and, in that time, has conducted a thorough review of the business, highlighting the areas which were doing well whilst also looking for ways to improve client experience and enable further growth and development.

Ian Cromie said: “Adtrak has grown tremendously over the past 22 years, earning its position as one of Nottingham’s most successful independent businesses and one of the city centre’s largest employers. We wanted to ensure the company delivers consistently high levels of customer service and continues to enjoy sustainable growth. As a result, it was important to take a look at Adtrak’s systems, structure and product offering, ensuring the business is scalable and meets the growing needs of its clients and staff.”

During the change programme, Adtrak has invested over £250,000 in its systems and operations. This includes Salesforce, its chosen CRM system and Zoho, an online invoicing software. Their focus on IT and software was introduced to ensure systems which speak to each other and allow for efficient, more streamlined communication and workflow.

In April, the digital marketing agency announced the arrival of Andrew Blackwood, its first ever Sales and Marketing Director. Andrew Blackwood will lead a newly established Sales and Marketing team and, together, they will implement a new marketing strategy, develop innovative products and services and promote Adtrak both locally, in Nottingham, and nationally.

One of the biggest changes Adtrak rolled out, which was announced to Adtrak’s clients at the end of June, is the introduction of multidisciplinary teams which focus entirely on the client. As of the 1st July, Adtrak no longer operate within departments which focus on a specific skill. Instead, they have established teams which involve all disciplines working collaboratively to utilise a single marketing budget. This will ensure the focus is firmly placed on the client and their specific goals.

Ian Cromie said: “The introduction of multidisciplinary teams is a really exciting step for Adtrak. Not only will it allow us to really focus on the client and their needs, but it will also promote collaboration and creativity internally. This will lead to more efficient working practices, more strategic digital marketing and, ultimately, improved client satisfaction.”

Chris Robinson, the Managing Director at Adtrak, said: “The past twelve months have been an incredibly exciting time at Adtrak. Being part of such a vast and detailed change programme has been unlike anything I have previously experienced - and it’s been great to watch staff at every level come together to achieve the transformation. I know the changes we have implemented and the investment we have made will ensure the continued growth and success of Adtrak. It will greatly improve our customer service, the results we deliver and the satisfaction of our staff. I’m confident that Change for Growth will lead Adtrak from a great business to an even better one - and will ensure happy customers and staff for years to come.”

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