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How To Improve Productivity With Effective Business Development

In a business sense, productivity is the measure of output you get from a system, employee or machinery given the costs you have incurred from them over time. Of course, productivity means different things to different organisations and some businesses will use a more nuanced description of it than a strict financial one. For example, the productivity of certain employees may not necessarily be measured by how much they produce in their job only but what else they bring to the team, such as helping others to remain motivated or sharing their knowledge freely.

In fact, however, your business defines productivity, there is one thing that we can say for sure – more productivity is a desirable business goal. If you are able to achieve more with fewer resources, then your business will be more profitable, gain a bigger market share, be better placed to grow into other market sectors and be a more exciting and vibrant place to work, thereby helping your recruitment and retention, of course.

Indeed, true business productivity should not only be seen as how much more you can get out of your current resources but which sorts of investments will allow your organisation to operate with greater efficiency in future.

In this regard, the entire management team can offer valuable insights that will lead to better decision-making from the senior management team or board. By investing in truly effective business development, you can place your firm on a sound footing for future commercial success. This is achieved by empowering your team leaders and middle managers to take the necessary decisions to improve productivity and this is where Corporate Battlefields can make such a key difference.

Using Diagnostic Intervention to Develop Business Productivity

As mentioned, when management teams are given the authority to make decisions, they tend to do so in highly effective ways. Managers who handle day-to-day business matters often know more about the procedures and policies they operate with every day and so are best placed to make the right decisions, within certain limits, of course. Senior military commanders know this, which is why learning from the experience of the battlefield can be so useful. What makes some armies more effective - or productive in military terms - is that lower-ranking officers are empowered to make the right moves and to react in the right way.

In business, diagnostic intervention means using the lessons from historic battlefields and applying them in a modern business setting. By getting your management team talking about what successful military commanders have done in their campaigns to achieve success, so they can use these lessons to diagnose problems and blockages within their own working lives.

Business Development That Delivers Greater Productivity

At Corporate Battlefields, we tailor our programmes to the business development needs of the organisation we are working with, large or small, public or private sector. Our team facilitates yours to identify areas of low productivity and helps your managers to feel empowered enough to overcome them.

If you want to deal with waste, poor time management and outdated working practices – amongst many other drags on productivity – then applying the sort of knowledge that has been learned in battle is one of the best ways you can do so.

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