The US Are Trying to Catch up in the Energy Tech Race

The need for a strong and flourishing tech sector is now more promising than ever before. Populations around the globe are now growing and societies in China and even India are booming. The demand for energy is now more than ever before.

Last year, the government panel who focus on climate change released a study that showed that if everyone was to comply with the goals in the Paris agreement, they would have to cut the carbon emissions that are happening right now by 45% in the next 11 years. Technology has already done a lot for the industry and it’s surprising to see how far things have come so far. Technology has not just changed the industrial sector either however, because it has also changed the online gaming casino industry and the communications industry too.

So how could technology help? If you want to understand that then you also need to understand how the demand for energy is growing. Until now, the US have denied researchers from sharing any kind of tech research with the private sector. This is having an impact and it is also making it much more difficult for people to make a difference. Right now however, that is going to change. The US are using a transfer program, which is designed to build bridges between industry research and government research. This really does give everyone the chance of creating new and innovative solutions and it also helps everyone to make the right changes.

This is huge to say the least, and it’s something that’s been in the works for quite some time. The problem really does lie with obtaining, licensing and maintaining intellectual rights. The new regulation change has been introduced and now a fourth funding category is going to be added to the list too. Early-stage technology is going to remove barriers and it is also going to stop the private sector from being limited too. It’s even going to demonstrate how commercial applications can stem from laboratory activities. NextGov have released a statement saying that they are going to use technology transfer funds to try and hold demo days. They believe that this is going to help them to showcase the innovations and even the national laboratories that they are in contact with. They also have hopes that this is going to spur even more movement in the technology industry, which will impact the energy sector by a huge amount.

Of course, this opportunity combined with the funding will allow much more flexibility in the energy and technology industry. It is also going to encourage people to conduct research more robustly while also helping the world to get away from fossil fuels. Only time will tell if this is the case or not, but so far things look to be taking a positive turn and this is especially the case when you look at the US and the commitments that they have made. If only more could be done to ensure that the targets that are set, are achieved.

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