Marketers reveal their top CMS priorities for 2020

‘Speed of content creation’ and ‘ease of customisation’ are the top priorities for marketers in 2020, followed by ease of use and flexibility, according to new research from leading content management (CMS) provider, Magnolia.

The Magnolia report, ‘The State of CMS: 2020 & Beyond’ incorporates a survey of over 200 marketers across both the UK and US to build a deeper understanding of what it is that businesses want and need from their CMS.

The research revealed the top five priorities for marketers in 2020:

  1. Speed of content creation (41%)

  2. Easy customisation (41%)

  3. Ease of use (38%)

  4. Flexibility (30%)

  5. Integration with systems (28%)

Despite these priorities, Magnolia’s research suggests that marketers rarely have the final say when selecting a CMS. Instead, IT teams are far more likely to make the decision based heavily on security, flexibility and back-end integrations.

Commenting on the research findings, Darren Hitchcock, General Manager at Magnolia said: “At a time when the definition of success is increasingly speed based—launch faster, innovate faster, improve faster—it’s no wonder that marketers are prioritising speed of content creation in the year ahead. If you don’t find a way to deliver in real time, customers will turn to someone else who can.”

“That’s why, in 2020, marketers must invest in a solution that enables rapid content delivery and easy customisation. By adopting a CMS that places high priority on speed and usability, marketers can ensure they can deliver the best possible digital experience for the customer. At the same time, this experience shouldn’t come at the expense of security and other IT-related concerns. A good CMS must provide both speed and security in order to deliver real business value.”

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