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The retailer announced that although it's creating 7k new shop-floor roles, it's cutting 3k management positions.
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Morrisons creates 4,000 net new jobs - at the expense of 3,000 managers

Morrisons has announced that in its new restructure it will create 4,000 net jobs.

The supermarket giant, which is headquartered in Bradford, confirmed that it will also be reassessing managerial positions, with 3,000 managers set to leave the company or have their roles downgraded.

In a statement, the company said: “Many of the new jobs will be on Morrisons renowned Market Street counters where skilled butchers, bakers, fishmongers and other fresh food specialists serve customers.”

“The (net) increase of more than 4,000 jobs is after a number of managerial roles are removed.”

This comes after an announcement earlier this month in which the retailer revealed that its Christmas sales were less than satisfactory, with sales over the festive season rising just 0.6 per cent.

Morrisons’ retail director, David Lepley, said: “This proposal means more frontline colleagues improving product availability and helping customers.

“Whilst there will be a short period of uncertainty for some managers affected by these proposals we will be supporting them through this process and there are jobs available for everybody who wants to continue to work at Morrisons.

“There will also be more roles with greater flexibility that are very attractive to colleagues with families.”

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