Jamie Marshall, Director of Everon.
Jamie Marshall, Director of Everon.

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Businesses’ coronavirus response risks new security and continuity issues

Businesses must adopt a security-first approach to remote working during the coronavirus pandemic or their organisation could be susceptible to data breaches and other serious threats.

Leeds-based IT specialists Everon, who have experienced a surge in enquiries from employers in recent weeks as they seek to provide a home working option for their usually office-based staff, is advising that organisations need to respond strategically or risk a whole host of further issues. The company has created a special checklist for business owners to help them prepare for closing their offices during the coronavirus emergency in order to maintain productivity and security.

Jamie Marshall, Director of Everon said: “The coronavirus impact has meant that many businesses are having to think differently about how maintain their operations and service their customers. Clearly home-working for staff, where possible, is an important part of this new strategy but this requires careful thought to prevent the organisation being compromised.”

Everon’s checklist for business owners offers guidance in four key areas: data security, how to access data, how to set up a home office, and communication, collaboration and management.

Jamie continues, “Keeping your business secure is vitally important due to the relentless and continuously changing threats, so make sure your new working approach doesn’t weaken your usually robust protection. Transitioning your employees from a secure office environment to full on home working is a daunting task, and it comes with lots of challenges, particularly with data security.

“For example, if your employees have to work from home and require access to shared networks or your company uses a VPN (Virtual Private Network), which is the safest way to work remotely, personal devices are not an option. This is because of the great risk to your business from ransomware, so each member of your team needs to have a secure laptop that they can use for work purposes, on top of any other equipment they may need to fulfil their responsibilities at home.”

“You’ll also need to consider how your team can access data and files remotely, as well as how they can easily communicate with colleagues and manage projects. And of course, how you personally can manage multiple people in different locations.”

Business owners and managers can download the free checklist at the Everon website.

Founded in 2008, Everon looks after hundreds of businesses in the West Yorkshire area. From its Castleton Mill base in central Leeds, its team provides business and personal IT support as well as a development services for websites and website marketing.

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