Roger Bullivant Limited (RB) reduces dangerous driving, reduces idling by 7%, increases MPG by 8% and challenges Soletanche Freyssinet Group

Roger Bullivant Limited (RB), one of the country’s leading piling and foundation engineering specialists, has announced the successful installation of Lightfoot’s award-winning in-cab technology across its fleet of 150 vans and commercial vehicles.

Using Lightfoot’s industry-leading driver rewards platform, RB has vastly reduced instances of poor or dangerous driving, significantly reduced vehicle idling by 7% and increased MPG by 8%, directly resulting in fuel savings worth thousands of pounds per month.

Impressed by the impact that the in-cab device, app and rewards platform has had on its drivers, RB recommended that the technology was installed to commercial vehicles used by other Soletanche Freyssinet Group companies including Bachy Soletanche, Sixense Limited and Vibro Menard.

Specialising in the design and construction of foundations for all types of buildings and structures in all kinds of ground conditions, RB introduced Lightfoot to reduce accidents, improve the wellbeing of its staff, and to cut emissions, helping to reduce the impact of its fleet on the environment. Aided by Lightfoot’s real time driver guidance, Lightfoot has reduced emissions for the business by in excess of 8%.

Commenting on how Lightfoot has transformed the way its drivers operate their vehicles, Anthony Franklin, Group Fleet Manager for RB, said: “With the help of the Lightfoot app employees can see how a small, real-time change in driving style can have a really positive impact. This isn’t restricted to improving air quality. We have seen an overall increase in performance.

“During the Blind phase of the Lightfoot trial (where Lightfoot baselines fleet performance), just 46% of our staff achieved the Lightfoot Elite Driver score, which is where the biggest savings in fuel and reductions in emissions occur. Today, over 90% of our drivers hit that Elite Driver Standard. This improvement in driver scores coincided with a 50% reduction in harsh events such as braking, accelerating and cornering, helping to improve the wellbeing and safety of our staff. On top of that MPG is up 8% too, thanks to our employees embracing the system.”

Mark Roberts, Lightfoot CEO, commented: “Drivers at RB have really embraced Lightfoot. The on-board assistance and verbal feedback from the in-cab device - including end of journey scores - has encouraged drivers to change the way they drive, becoming smoother, safer and more fuel efficient. That paired with the app, which shows how individuals are performing against their peers, and gives elite drivers the opportunity to win cash, tech and consumer prizes, has made smooth driving fun, competitive and rewarding.

“But what’s really exciting is the Inter-company competition that the Soletanche Bachy Group has been running. After seeing the benefits in their own vehicles, Anthony insisted on Lightfoot being fitted to vehicles used by its group companies too, adding an extra element of positive competition.

“Now, RB not only has positive competition between staff at head office in South Derbyshire and their seven regional offices across the UK, but also between RB, Bachy Soletanche, Sixense Limited, and Vibro Menard.”

Working in partnership with Lightfoot, Warren Knowles, Regional Underwriting Manager at QBE Business Insurance, commented: “It’s great to see another QBE client using Lightfoot to help manage their driver risk through engagement and reward.”

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