Memrise saw a 71 per cent increase in new user registrations in March in the UK.

Language learning app sees 110% sales increase as lockdown encourages new hobbies

A language learning app has reported a 110 per cent increase in sales since the beginning of the UK’s lockdown.

Memrise, based in London, saw a 71 per cent increase in new user registrations in March in the UK, with worldwide registrations rising by 31 per cent.

As well as this, the amount of weekly active users has grown by 30 per cent, with learning increasing by two thirds.

Ed Cooke, CEO at Memrise, commented: “Since lockdown, we’ve seen a surge in demand for language learning at Memrise, as people look to fill their time and learn something new, with the most popular languages being learned on Memrise being Spanish (EU), French, German, Italian and Japanese.

“In response, we’ve launched the ‘Immerse’ feature on the app, helping users to fully submerge themselves in foreign cultures with summer travel and experiences currently on hold.

“Immerse offers bitesize videos of native speakers, speaking real-life phrases full of emotion, personality, nuance, and gestures, and helping to bring authentic culture into users’ homes.

“By using native speakers in their local countries, users can gain a better understanding of how these dialects are used in a real-life context, leading to more effective language learning and a more meaningful connection with other cultures from afar.”

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